International Students' Union

Dear Students,

Application period for positions within ISU Engineering Faculty has now ended. We received a large number of strong applications for the announced roles and the successful candidates were chosen.

Currently ISU Engineering consists of the following members:

ISU President:
Zaira Kaiyrgaliyeva
ISU Vice-President:
Chadha Mensi
ISU Educational Vice-President:
Nauman Shahid Khan
ISU Events Vice-President:
Elena Kucherova

ISU Photographers:
Abdullah Elgharbly

ISU Graphic Designers:
Dastan Kaudanov
Fadi Nasser

ISU Event Officers:
Abdallah Ashraf
Alaaddin Elshazly
Adele Akimbayeva
Munib Sheraz
Ahsan Ghouse

Representative in BSc Mechatronics:
Kennedy Usiagwu
Representative in MSc Mechatronics:
Abd Albaki
Representative in BSc Civil Engineering:
Thikrayat Al-Qasim
Representative in BSc Mechanical Engineering:
Denis Gichuki
Representative of MSc Mechanical Engineering:
Ahmad Mohammed
Representative of BSc Professional Pilot:
Eid Adnan
Representative in MSc Engineering Management:
Vinicius  Urquiza

Best regards
ISU Engineering Team




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