ALUMNI - Faculty of Engineering

Dear (Graduated) Students,

University of Debrecen, Faculty of Engineering started English training programs 7 years ago, so we have already on almost every major graduated students. The University has an extended alumni association with all the former students of any majors, but it includes mostly Hungarian ones. Our aim is to organize an alumni community for all those who graduated on the English programs of the Faculty of Engineering!
The new association is intended to fulfil multiple functions: it is a priority with us to keep together a community whose members may not know each other as they were not students at the same time or in the same major, still - as we can so often hear - if they happen to meet anywhere in the world, they share memories as they all graduated from Faculty of Engineering in Debrecen. We also would like to inform graduated students about events, new training programs, to track graduate employment and to help you with job offers, to find a “mentor” in your own country who can help you with his/her experiences and contacts e.g. to find a place for internship in your home country.
BSc students with two closed semester, MSc students with one closed semester can already register for the alumni community and access this way to the database. 
We are fully aware that information technology and the internet offer a great variety of community spaces; nevertheless we would like to ask you to fill the attached form and send it back to us to become a member of our community.

Registration and Statment of Consent

Last update: 2022. 07. 22. 13:39