Research Topics - Department of Basic Technical Studies

Spatial ability: Measurement and development
Dynamic Geometry Systems in STEM Education
Engineering applications in teaching of Mathematics 
Responsible: Dr Rita Nagyné Kondor,

Cryptographic protocols
Design, implement and analyse of cryptographic protocols to solve security issues for geospatial problems or for problems of industrial bus systems.
Business intelligence
Collect and analyse data from sensor and actuator devices planted at the Building Mechatronics Research Centre of the Faculty of Engineering with the help of modern business intelligence methods and tools.
Responsible: Dr. Éva Csernusné Ádámkó,

Development of IT systems    
Responsible: Dr. Mária Princz,

Formation of the function concept in the secondary and technical higher education    
Responsible: Dr. Bodzásné Gyöngyi Szanyi,

Applying of machine learning method in engineering optimization problems
Programming, application development, designing of FPGA-based systems
Responsible: Attila Vámosi,

Functional equations containing means    
Responsible: Dr. Adrienn Vámosiné Varga,

Novel methods of signal analysis in technical diagnostics
Modelling and optimization of engineering and economic processes
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Imre Kocsis,

Functional equations and inequalities 
Teaching methology
Responsible: Dr. Csaba Gábor Kézi,

Dynamic modelling and simulation of electric driven vehicles and electric motors in MATLAB environment. Experimental analysis and determination of electromagnetic and dynamic motor characteristics.

Development and application of Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA) Methods, mainly Particle Induced Gamma Ray Emission, in different interdisciplinary fields like archaeometry, biology and environmental science.    

Responsible: Dr. Gusztáv Áron Szíki,

Development and measurement of colour sensing ability aptitude.
Methods to teach colour theory.

Responsible: Dr. Erika Perge,

Energy geography. Investigating the possibilities of utilizing renewable energy sources in the economy and public administration. In the focus of the research from the economic and social geographic aspect holds energy self-sufficiency of settlements.    

Responsible: Dr. Balázs Kulcsár,



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