Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the governing body of the Faculty of Engineering, elected for a four-year term, which has the right to decide on all matters delegated to the Faculty by the Organisational and Operational Rules of the University of Debrecen.

Council members with voting rights:

  • Dr. Géza Husi dean, head of department, associate professor (president)
  • Dr. Noémi Siposné Bíró commissioned head of bureau (secretary)
  • Prof. Dr. Imre Kocsis vice-dean for scientific affairs, head of department, full professor
  • Dr. Judit T. Kiss vice-dean for educational affairs, head of department, associate professor
  • Dr. Imre Csáky head of department, associate professor
  • Dr. Dénes Kocsis head of department, associate professor
  • Dr. Imre Kovács head of department, college professor
  • Dr. Tamás Mankovits head of department, associate professor
  • Dr. Péter Tamás Szemes head of department, associate professor
  • DLA Tamás Szentirmai head of department, associate professor
  • Prof. Dr. Ferenc Kalmár full professor
  • Dr. Gusztáv Áron Szíki college professor
  • Dr. István Budai associate professor
  • Dr. Ákos Lakatos associate professor
  • Dr. József Menyhárt associate professor
  • Enikő Tóthné Kovács managing expert, head of Registrar's Office
  • Mónika Tóthné Csákó managing expert
  • Máté Bihari president of Students' Union, student
  • György Kaszányi student
  • József Molnár student
  • Orsolya Mózes student
  • Sarolta Ocsenás student
  • Ádám Imre Pál student
  • Leila Vezendi student

Permanent invitee with the right to deliberate:

  • Prof. Dr. Zoltán Szilvássy rector

Permanent invitees of the Faculty with the right to deliberate:

  • Prof. Dr. Szűcs Edit full professor
  • Dr. Ailer Piroska college professor
  • Dr. Bodnár Ildikó college professor
  • Dr. Csomós György college professor
  • Dr. Lámer Géza college professor
  • Dr. Major János college professor
  • Dr. Tiba Zsolt college professor
  • Dr. Jenei Tünde master instructor, economic expert
  • Andrea Halászné Ercsei managing expert
  • Ágnes Kovácsné Szabó head of library

Updated: 2022.05.20.

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