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Dear Visitor!

Welcome to UD’s Faculty of Engineering, and thank you for visiting our website. We hope our sites will open a virtual door to you and give an insight into our everyday life providing a picture of the education and research conducted within our walls.

In the tradition of college-level engineering training in Debrecen, UD’s Faculty of Engineering has become an outstanding centre of education and research in the Eastern Hungarian region. Following the footsteps of our predecessors, the academic and administrative staff of the Faculty work hand in hand to make our training programmes and researches meet both national and international standards. The Faculty of Engineering is one of Hungary’s most significant and rapidly developing institutions of higher-education, and its 3000 students make it a dominant faculty of the University of Debrecen which - offering the most academic programmes among Hungarian universities and having been classified as a research university, the highest of qualifications - is officially listed among the best universities in the country. 

The undergraduate and graduate programmes of the Quality Prize winning Faculty of Engineering provide the region and, in many cases, the whole country with skilled professionals. It is our main goal to help our engineers and engineering specialists enter the labour market as soon as they finish their studies and enhance the industrial development of the region and the country with the skills and knowledge they have gained here. Consequently, we consciously aspire to develop the quality of education and research further, based on a close cooperation between the Faculty and the industry. Our students enter many prestigious competitions and they are becoming increasingly successful and acclaimed, while our instructors are working on a growing number of national and international projects of basic and applied research. 
The Faculty of Engineering welcomes the most outstanding and inquisitive students of the region with an enthusiastic and professional team of academics and researchers, and a set of laboratories unique in the country. We train architects, civil engineers, urban systems engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, mechatronics engineers, vehicle engineers, professional pilots and engineering managers at both an undergraduate and a graduate level. 

The aim of our undergraduate programmes is to provide our students with the rules, relations and principles of the world of engineering, whereas in the graduate programmes we teach them the skills necessary to discover the unknown and create innovative engineering solutions. The Faculty bridges the gap between theory and practice and provides a high-quality theoretical background merged into practice-oriented training which is based on industrial relations. We do our best to maintain the high prestige of the engineering diplomas awarded by the University of Debrecen and to make sure that the knowledge and achievements of students who graduate from our Faculty continue to be recognised in the labour market.

All things considered, you are kindly advised to visit the website of UD’s Faculty of Engineering which, hopefully, reflects our endeavours appropriately; and the Department webpages, available from the Faculty’s website, where you can gain more information on specific programmes and the life of the given Department.

Dr. Géza Husi

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