Research Topics - Department of Building Services and Building Engineering

The main research topics of the Department of Building Services and Building Engineering

Investigation of thermal comfort and indoor air quality in buildings. The main goal of performed research is the development of innovative and energy efficient heating-cooling-air conditioning-ventilation solutions and operation modes, providing simultaneously proper thermal comfort and appropriate indoor air quality in buildings. 
Responsible for the research: Ferenc Kalmár PhD;


Investigation of the moisture sorption and the thermal properties of different materials. Measurements carried out on insulation and building materials. 
Responsible for the research: Ákos Lakatos PhD;


Analysis of the heat load of buildings during summer period, in function of orientation of the transparent area, building materials and air change rates. 
Responsible for the research: Imre Csáky PhD;


Current top research projects of the Department 
EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022 “Debrecen Venture Catapult Program"

EFOP-3.4.3-16-2016-00021 “Improving quality and accessibility of higher education at the University of Debrecen”

692447-CAIV_EPBD “Concerted Action IV supporting the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive”


Projects from the last 5 years
TÁMOP-4.2.2.A-11/1/KONV-2012-0041 “Sustainable energetics by optimal integration of renewable energy sources” (DEnzero)
Project leader: Ferenc Kalmár Phd;

IEE/CA/10/002/SI2.588732 “Concerted Action III supporting the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive”
Project leader: Ákos Lakatos PhD;

Updated: 2020.03.02.

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