Information about the Mechatronics Comprehensive Exam

The Mechatronics Comprehensive Exam aims to test students' knowledge in the core subjects of Mechatronics. It must be completed (and registered on Neptun) no sooner than the 5th semester and no later than the 7th semester. If the Mechatronics Comprehensive Exam and the state exam are taken in the same semester, the comprehensive exam is to be taken no later than 14 days before the state exam.

Please register for the course on Neptun! Course code: MFMCE30R00-EN

The requirements of the Mechatronics Comprehensive Exam are the following:

The comprehensive exam has a written and an oral part. In the oral part a theorem is to be selected and in the written part exercises are to be solved and tasks are to be elaborated. Examiners will not ask examinees according to subjects. Instead, the candidate should explicate a theorem which can include even more subjects.

The written part of the comprehensive exam always starts at 9.00 a.m. Candidates will be given tasks to be solved which they can work on for 3 hours.

The oral part of the exam starts at 1.00 p.m. Candidates are supposed to select three topics (on electronics, mechatronics and informatics) which they can work out before the oral presentation.

Sample file 1 in written exam

Sample file 2 in written exam

Sample file 3 in written exam

Sample file 4 in written exam

Sample file 5 in written exam

A sample question for the oral part:

  • Changing a fifth-rate kinematic pair relay controlling into a programmable logic controller (PLC).

To answer the question it is necessary to know:

  • what a kinematics pair is, what fifth-rate means and what kind of elements it can have. (Basics of Mechatronics)
  • what a relay is and how it works, what its features are (Electrotechnics and Electronics I)
  • what controlling is and what relay controlling is (Measurements and Automatics I)
  • what PLC is and how it works; what its sturcture is and how it can be programmable (Programmable Logic Controllers I)

Questions of the Comprehensive Exam (Oral part of Final Exam)

Generally speaking, the Department of Mechatronics opens Mechatronics Comprehensive Exam dates at least five times in each exam period and once in the registration week of September.

In the examination period a comprehensive exam date can be signed up for on Neptun if all the prerequisites have been completed: exam grade in Electrotechnics and Electronics II, mid-term grade in Mechatronics II, Measurements and Automatics I, Programming and Digital Techniques II, Programmable Logic Controllers I. If any of the prerequisites are missing, the Mechatronics Comprehensive Exam cannot be taken.

The exam board has the right to offer a final grade to the candidate after he/she has taken the written part before the oral part.

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