Dear Students,

Please note the timetables below are for information only. There can be differences between them and your real ones. Your own class schedule can be found on Neptun (see "Studies", then "Class Schedule").

All students do the subject registration on their own. By subject registration the term in question (2019/20/1) should be selected. Subject registration on Neptun: under “Subjects”, then “Register for subjects”. On the right there is a drop down menu where courses from the curriculum (for e.g. Mechanical Eng. BSc 2013) or from the stream (for e.g. Operation and Maintenance Specialization) can be selected.

Classroom schedules

Civil Engineering BSc

Mechatronics Engineering BSc

Mechanical Engineering BSc

Engineering Management MSc

Environmental Engineering MSc

Mechatronical Engineering MSc

Mechanical Engineering MSc

Professional Pilot BSc

Urban Systems Engineering MSc

Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Leadership  part-time post graduate course 2023/24/2

Lean Engineering_Lean Management part-time post graduate course 2023/24/2

Some useful advice:

Please do not forget to register for both lecture and practice/seminar if both of them are available.

Please always read the comment/remark field on Neptun. For e.g. a course can have more than one group where some groups are ment for Civil Eng. BSc students, others are for Mechanical Eng. or Mechatronic Eng. BSc students.

Timetable conflict/clash should be avoided.

If for some reasons subjects do not appear in your timetable on Neptun, please check time and venue of the class under “Subjects”, “Registered subjects”, then click on the “Subject name”.

If you need to take an exam course or a comprehensive exam, please sign up for it in the subject registration period so that an exam date in the exam term could be selected.

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