Internship (obligatory industrial practice) - Mechatronics Engineering BSc

Mechatronics Engineering BSc students have to carry out obligatory industrial practice involved in the model curriculum. The duration of the compulsory internship is 6 weeks, it can be completed in several instalments. They are supposed to work at a company, firm over the internship period (in summer or during the exam period of January). The course (Industrial Training, Internship) should previously be signed up for via NEPTUN in the spring semester after reaching a minimum of 130 credits (it can be taken in the 6th semester according to the model curriculum). Successfully completing internship is the precondition for taking the state exam. 

Please note that the accepted industrial practice report is a precondition of admission to the state exam.

The placement of obligatory industrial internships is the responsibility of each student.

  1. Objective of obligatory industrial practice

The task assigned during the internship period should be in conformity with the requirements of the Mechatronics Engineering BSc program and the courses taught. Over the internship period students are supposed to familiarize themselves with the operation, main processes of the company, its organizational structure and culture. The task to be performed within the 6-week or timeframe by the intern should relate to one specific field within the topics listed below:

- intelligent automation of buildings, maintenance of buildings, building surveillance systems

- cooperation in design, management, installation, maintenance, condition monitoring, programming of intelligent (meaning: including mechanics, electronics, software) machines, automated machines, robots, manipulators

- integrating, programming PLCs (programmable logic controllers), PICs (microcontrollers), PACs (programmable automation controllers) in order to perform a control task of any kind

- to develop, improve measurement systems of any kind by applying intelligent elements

- to solve automation task of any kind

- tasks related to the improvement and maintenance of sensors and actuators in pneumatic, hydraulic and/or electric systems

  1. Places suitable for obligatory industrial practice

All the organizations, institutions and companies which provide students with the opportunity to acquire proficiency in accordance with their degree program.

A list of possible companies can be found here:

Internship is undertaken at the headquarters of the organizations under the guidance of industrial supervisors assigned by the companies. The task performed by the student in the framework of internship should relate to the professional subjects completed during his/her studies so far.


  1. Documents necessary for starting and completing obligatory industrial practice

Before applying for an internship place and upon the student’s special request the International Office (Faculty of Engineering) can issue a certificate which proves that internship is mandatory and an integral part of the course of studies.

After students have found a suitable obligatory industrial internship place, the documents which must be signed are the following: Acceptance letter (1 copy), Internship Cooperation (Company abroad) (2 copies), “Megállapodás” (Company in Hungary)* (4 copies) here.

Submission deadline: 12th of May 2023.

The way of submission:

  • Acceptance letter: E-learning system in PDF

An important change compared to previous years: Only students participating in accepted TalentUD program can complete their internship at the Mechatronics Department and can work on their scientific research during the internship time. In every other case the responsibility of the student to find a suitable engineer company where the internship can be completed.



Evaluation Sheet and Certificate must be uploaded until 18 of August 2023 in E-learning.

It is the duty and responsibility of all students to find a summer internship place. Industrial supervisors are allocated by the internship places. Completion of internship and attendance may be checked on the premises by a person in charge from the HEI (higher education institution). The department has the right – after having obtained some prior information on the company – to refuse the summer internship place before the start of the internship period if it does not meet the requirements of the Mechatronics Engineering BSc degree program. If the student does not receive any notification, the company provided on the Invitation Letter and/or Cooperation is considered to be accepted by the department.


  1. Execution of obligatory industrial practice and its certification
  1. Duration of internship: 6 weeks.
  2. Besides completing internship, students have to write a 15-page summary template about the work done over the internship period.

Form requirements of the summary:

  • Cambria letter type
  • 12 pt letter size
  • 1,5 pt line spacing
  • Reference list: IEEE

Content requirements of the summary:

  • 1. Summary of the task – 1 page
      • 1.1.1. Literature/technological research
      • 1.1.2. Specification of the task based on the research
      • 1.1.3. Short documentation of performed tasks
      • 1.1.4. Short evaluation of results
  • 2. Detailed, specified documentation of performed tasks –  15 pages
  • 3. Evaluation, validation of results – 1 page

Turnitin similarity report:

  • The Turnitin site can be found in the E-learning
  • It is very important that not the one page ’Digital Receipt’ should be uploaded but the exported ’Current View’ that contains the similarity of the full summary.
  • The maximum similarity rate is 15%, but each of the references can have maximum 2% similarity!
  • Important: the report is a public document, so please share just like information which is not harming the business interests and information of the company! 

Summary of the tasks and deadlines regarding internship 

  1. Students sign up for the course (Industrial Training or Internship) via NEPTUN in the spring semester,
  2. Contacting the company and providing for Acceptance letter (1 copy) until 12th of May 2023 on the required way.
  3. Executing the 6-week BSc internship in the summertime.
  4. Providing for Evaluation Sheet and Certificate at the end of internship and submitting it along with the Summary and Turnitin similarity report until 18 of August 2023 on the required way.
  5. The course will be signed on Neptun if the student has submitted all the documents, and the report has been approved by the consultant from the department.

 In case of any questions arising from internship, please kindly turn to Mr Gyula Korsoveczki ( B building I/1. office) responsible person for internship or Mrs. Gabriella László-Kovács (, B building I/4. administrative questions) or in case of Acceptance letter, please kindly turn to Mrs. Ágnes György (, A building 107. office).

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