Faculty Education Committee

Structure of the Faculty Education Committee:

  • president: Dr. Judit T. Kiss vice-dean for educational affairs
  • secretary: Béla Glevitzky
  • members:
    • Dr. György Juhász
    • Gyula Attila Darai
    • Orsolya Mózes
    • Sarolta Ocsenás
    • Ádám Imre Pál
    • Leila Vezendi

Request forms are to be submitted to the International Office.

Scope of authority:

  • deciding on the transfer of students from other higher education institutions and within the Faculty,
  • deciding on requests for changing training programs and mode of study
  • deciding on requests for preferential study arrangements (individual study plan),
  • taking a position on study and examination matters not covered by the Rules and Regulations and its annexes,
  • proposing modifications to the Rules of Regulations and its annexes
  • deciding at first instance on requests from students concerning academic and examination matters,
  • deciding on academic matters referred by the Faculty Council
  • deciding on the following student complaint:
    • Within two weeks of the end of the examination period, the student may submit an objection to the assessment data in the study system to the lecturer/unit responsible for the course. If the instructor/unit responsible for the course does not find the student's objection well-founded and therefore rejects it, the student may appeal against this decision to the Faculty Education Committee.
    Last update: 2022. 07. 22. 13:39