Internship - Mechanical Engineering BSc

Mechanical Engineering BSc students have to carry out a 6-week internship involved in the model curriculum.
You have to take one of the following courses based on the year you started your studies:
If you started before the year 2017: you have to take the
course (MFTGY30G00-EN/MFTGY30G40-EN Internship). You should previously be signed up via NEPTUN in the spring semester (semester 6) and it should be undertaken in the summer of semester 4 or 6.
If you started after the year 2017you have to take the course (MK3SZGYG00G117-EN/MK3SZGYG00G317-EN Industrial Internship). You should previously be signed up via NEPTUN in the spring semester (semester 6) and it should be undertaken in the summer of semester 4 or 6.
Individual differences are possible, in this case please consult the secretary.
Please note finding an appropriate internship place is time-consuming and difficult, therefore students are encouraged to start seeking a placement on time.

Completing internship is one of the requirements of obtaining the pre-degree certificate. Once you have completed your mandatory internship period and you wish to undertake further internships, you do not have to submit the papers and the report mentioned below.

  1. Objective of internship, competences
  • Students get acquainted with professional work in conformity with their degree program at the company or institution and join the daily work process. They have to resolve tasks individually assigned by their supervisor and gain experiences which may be utilized later in the labour market.
  • During internship general and specific competences may be acquired. 
    General competences: precisely work to schedule either individually or in team, applying correct technical terms.
    Specific competences: practical application of the professional skills acquired during the studies and acquiring new knowledge.
  1. Places suitable for internship

All the organizations, institutions and companies which provide students with the opportunity to acquire proficiency in accordance with their specialization in the field of operation, repairing technology, installation, management and development of different machines and vehicles, may be a suitable place.

Places where students have recently undertaken internship can be found here.

Internship places (not the full list) where students undertook internship in the summer of 2019:


The Western India Plywoods Ltd

Palestinian Tractor&Equipment Co.

Mercedes-Benz Egypt

Hutchinson Tunisie

Timsah Marine Contracting Company

Palestinian Water Authority

Arsan Steel Buildings Co. Kuwait

Wagon Pars Company

El-Wahab Group

College of the North Atlantic Qatar (Corrosion Laboratory)


Partner companies of Department of Mechanical Engineering (University of Debrecen):


Companies in/near Debrecen (Hungarian skills might be required for some)

Alföldi Tej Kft. (Debrecen),
Alkaloida Vegyészeti Gyár Zrt. (Tiszavasvári),
Bürkle Hungary Kft. (Debrecen),
Coloplast Hungary Kft. (Tatabánya),
ContiTech Magyarország Kft. (Nyíregyháza),
Diehl Aviaiton Hungary Kft. (Nyírbátor),
DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt. (Debrecen),
Eissmann Automotive Hungaria Kft. (Nyíregyháza),
F.M.F. Fém- és Műanyagfeldolgozó Kft. (Püspökladány)
FAG Magyarország Ipari Kft. (Debrecen)
FGSZ Földgázszállító Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (Siófok)
Fux Zrt. (Miskolc)
Gémtech Kft. (Napkor)
Globus Konzervgyártó Zrt. (Debrecen)
Hajdu Hajdúsági Ipari Zrt. (Téglás)
Hajdu Autotechnika Ipari Zrt. (Téglás)
HD-Rotatech Kft. (Dabas)
Inter Traction Electrics Kft. (Debrecen)
Jabil Circuit Magyarország Kft. (Tiszaújváros)
Kész-Gép Kft. (Derecske)
KITE Mezőgazdasági Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Zrt. (Nádudvar)
Kőröstej Kft. (Hajdúböszörmény)
Linamar Hungary Zrt. (Orosháza)
Manz Hungary Gépgyártó Kft. (Debrecen)
MÁV-START Vasúti Személyszállító Zrt. (Budapest)
MOL Magyar Olaj- és Gézipari Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság
MSK Hungary Gépgyártó Zrt. (NYírbátor)
MST Engineering Kft. (Debrecen)
Norton-4 Kft. (Püspökladány)
Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Kft. (Eger, Maklár)
RR Donnelley Magyarország Kft. (Debrecen)
Vámosgép Kft. (Vámospércs)
ZF Hungária Kft. (Eger)
Zolend Kft. (Debrecen)


  1. Documents necessary for starting and completing internship

Before applying for an internship place and upon the student’s special request the International Office (Faculty of Engineering) can issue a certificate which proves that internship is mandatory and an integral part of the course of studies.

After students have found a suitable internship place, the following documents need to be submitted:

Please note documents can be submitted either electronically or in hard copy.

document copy signer(s) submission deadline submission and recipient
Invitation Letter 1 company     19 April 2024 to be submitted to Ms. Szandra Kalmárné Sitku via email:
Internship Cooperation (Company abroad) 2 company, faculty 5 June 2024 signed by the company, to be submitted to Ms. Ágnes György in office 107, first floor
“Megállapodás” (Company in Hungary) here*


company, faculty, countersignatory 5 June 2024 signed by the company, to be submitted to Ms. Ágnes György in office 107, first floor
Student Agreement 2 company, faculty, student 5 June 2024 to be submitted to Ms. Szandra Kalmárné Sitku via email:
Evaluation Sheet and Certificate 1 company     18 August 2024

signed by the company, to be uploaded as a PDF:

Internship report 1 proofread by the company, signed by the student 18 August 2024

to be uploaded as a PDF:

Initiating internship at the company and providing for the documents from the company is the student’s duty. If the student does not specify the receiving company or does not provide for documents on time, the responsible person for internship will refuse the internship papers.

In certain cases the company gives students insight into confidential documents, so it can happen, the company prefers to conclude a confidentiality agreement with the student. A sample agreement can be found here

Confidentiality Agreement in Hungarian is available below:

Template for Confidentiality Agreement between University and Company

Template for Confidentiality Agreement between Student and Company

* According to Hungarian Law concluding an agreement between the company and the university in case of a 6-week internship (without interruption) is obligatory. In case internship is divided into parts (e.g. 3-3 weeks), concluding an agreement is not mandatory.

  1. Execution of internship and its certification
  1. Duration of internship: 6 weeks.
  2. Credit points: 0; Assessment on Neptun: signature
  3. Besides completing internship, students have to write a 15-20-page essay about the work done. The topic of the essay must be negotiated with the supervisor at the internship place. The topic should closely relate to the practical task completed by the intern and with which he/she has familiarized himself/herself previously. It is expedient to choose a topic which may be appropriate either for participating in the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference ("OTDK") or a thesis.
  4. The execution of the internship must be certified on the Evaluation Sheet and Certificate.

Recommended structure of the internship report

- Cover page (student's name, student's Neptun-code, student's training program, internship place)

- Table of contents

- Introduction: Presentation and structure of the organization. Interpretation, purpose, brief theoretical summary of the task
- Main chapter: Elaboration of the task
- Conclusion: Evaluation of the results

- List of references

Deadline for submitting the internship essay (internship report) and “Evaluation Sheet and Certificate”

  • 18 August 2024

The soft copy of the internship report must be uploaded to

Summary of the tasks and deadlines regarding internship

  • signing up for the course, Internship/Industrial Internship via NEPTUN in the spring semester,
  • contacting the company and providing for Invitation Letter (1 copy), Internship Cooperation (2 original copies, company is abroad) or “Megállapodás” (3 original copies, company is in Hungary ) and Student Agreement (2 original copies) respectively signed by the company until 5 June 2024. Please remember that it is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadline! Having the documents signed by the Dean of the Faculty and sending the copies back to the company by post or via email is the duty of the secretariat.
  • executing the 6-week internship in the summertime
  • providing for Evaluation Sheet and Certificate at the end of internship and submitting it along with the essay/report until 18 August 2024 via the e-learning platform:

In case of any questions arising in connection with the internship, please kindly turn to Mr. Gyula Somogyi (, office 308) or Ms. Szandra Kalmárné Sitku (, room 304, administrative questions).

Internship opportunities


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