Dean’s Office

From left to right on the photo:
First rowe: Papp Imréné, Kovácsné Szabó Ágnes, Szakály Tamásné, Siposné Dr. Bíró Noémi, Farkas Lászlóné, Dr. Kalmár Ferenc, Dr. habil Szűcs Edit, Dr. habil Husi Géza, Bóbis Beáta, Szén Mónika, Szabó Tiborné
Rear row: Balla Tibor, Csüllög Mihály, Kovács Enikő, Duczár Sándor, Lukácsné Sipos Ildikó, Polonkai Lajos, Gleviczky Béla, Pál Tünde, György Ágnes, Major Judit

The Dean’s Office provides all the secretarial services of the Faculty. It cooperates with the leaders of the faculty, the departments, the Registry Office and the Borsos József Dormitory. In the frame of administrative and management tasks it achieves registration, correspondence, filing, transmission, supplying of data and other information exchange.

The colleagues of the Dean’s Office perform HR related data collection and record management for the instructors and other civil servants working for the Faculty. They keep up to date records about the civil servants employed at the Faculty, and provide administrative tasks on the tenders of employment and mandates. They arrange tasks on employment, reclassification, transferring, and termination of employment.

The Office organizes enrolment activities with the support of the Registry Office and concerned Departments, organizes graduation ceremonies with public councils, makes scenarios about their arrangements. Continuously it is keeping contact with the Public Relations Office of the University. It surveys the applied software at the Faculty and prepares proposals to modernize it in particular cases. It supervises the procurement of hardware and education technology equipment at the Faculty.

Its economic challenges include preparing the faculty budgetary plan and the annual report, making statements to short and long term plans and to management decisions. It checks job numbers, supplies data, supervises contracts preparation. It receives and checks the content of invoices and prepares them for financial settlement. It controls the pre- and post-evaluation of post graduate trainings and other trainings and courses set up by the faculty.

The work of the Office is coordinated by the registrar appointed by the dean who is the secretary and a member with voting right of the Faculty Council simultaneously. Moreover she performs secretarial tasks in Scientific, Promotional and HS Committee of Faculty.

The dean rapporteur helps the registrar’s and the dean’s work. Her jobs are to perform the everyday tasks of human resources, to operate the website of the faculty, to take part in event organization.

The administrator of the Dean’s Office performs most of the administrative tasks of the faculty.

As a part of the Dean’s Office two persons performs economic tasks. They take part in preparing the annual budget, in supplying of data towards the Chancellery. One of the colleagues settles the cases of the Faculty Foundation while the other contributes to the management of the Faculty applying the possible sources of finance, checks and accounts financial invoices and certificates, prepares them for bookkeeping, keeps contact with relevant departments of the Chancellery and prepares contracts of part-time instructors and contributes to the process of payment.

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