Architecture BSc

This program is only available in Hungarian at the moment.

The objective of the program is to train architects who are able to

  • prepare technical documentation,
  • designs, technical drawings and models
  • apply computer programs and modeling for architectural designs,
  • carry out the functional design of buildings taking the analyses of environmental and physical aspects into consideration, and divide labor on the basis of expertise,
  • effectively communicate with and coordinate the work of other architects, designers and the participants of the construction,
  • plan and implement construction plans,
  • manage, control and follow-up procedures and pay attention to technical, economical, legal and quality management factors,
  • become familiar with the knowledge and skills necessary for building maintenance and operation.

Our graduates will develop competence or acquire knowledge in the following areas

  • the history of architecture, theory of architecture, related arts, and contemporary architectural forms,
  • the design approach and the course of architectural design, the entire investment process,
  • the main historical processes of settlement development and basic environmental shaping, social and economic functions of urban design , basic elements of settlement construction ,most important related legal rules and building code procedures, basic proficiency in the official town planning tools and social reconciliation.
  • the basic types of support structures, construction material, they are proficient in modeling these,
  • the basic tasks and legal procedures concerning occupational safety and health
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