List of BSc and MSc courses for Erasmus students in the academic year 2020/2021 (fall semester)

Departement of Civil Engineering

For BSc students

Building Construction                                                                         

Bridges & Civil Engineering Structures 

Civil Engineering Orientation                                                              

Civil Engineering Draw                                                                                                                                      

Civil Engineering CAD I.     

FEM Modelling                                                                   

Geoinformatics II                                                                                  

Construction Materials                                                                           

Theory of Transportation & Basics in Urban Planing                    

Theory of Girders                                                                                 

Introduction to Water Engineering                                                  

Geotechnics II. (Earthworks)                                                                                   

Steel Structures       

Strength of Materials                                                                                                       

Reinforced Concrete Buildings                   

Timber & Masonry Structures                                                             


For MSc students

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)                           

Urban Sociology                                                            


Urban Transportation Planning I.                                      

Urban Transportation Planning I.                                                              

Bridges and Structures                                                    

Urban Environmental Protection                                       

Strategic Environmental Assessment    

Departement of Engineering Management and Enterprise

For MSc students

Advanced Corporate Finance

Applied Mathematics in Manufacturing Design

Development of Organization and Human Resource

Quantitative Methods

Risk and Reliability

For BSc Students

Law and Ethics

Economics for Engineering

Microeconomics and Economical Processes of Enterprises

Quality and Technical Management 

Departement of Mechanical Engineering

For BSc Students

Automotive Process Analysis and Planning I


Introduction of Mechanical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Strength of Materials

CAD Systems

Maintenance Engineering I

Manufacturing Processes I

Machine elements II

Theory of Damage

Finite Element Method

Maintenance Engineering I

For MSc students

Applied Dynamics

Materials Science

Machine and Product Design

Design of Manufacturing Devices

Design of Material Handling and Storage Systems

Production Automation

Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring

Departement of Mechatronics

For BSc students

Applied Automatization II (prerequisite: knowledge of Automation acquired in previous studies)

Electropneumatics and Electrohydraulics (prerequisite: knowledge of pneumatics or hydraulics acquired in previous studies)

Modelling and Simulation Prototype Technologies I

Robots and Robotics Technology 

For MSc students

Departement of Building Services and Building Engineering

Building Service Systems I

Department of Environmental Engineering

For BSc students

Environmental, Helalth Safety and Ergonomy
Environmental Protection and Dangerous Goods

Department of Architecture

For BSc students

Architectural Representation I

Architectural Representation 3

Architectural Design 3

Introduction to Architecture I

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