Urban System Engineering MSc


The objective of the program is to train urban system engineers who are able to

  • supply settlements or settlement groups, design the environment of towns, perform field operation of infrastructures, operate in the field of urban planning and city architecture,
  • perform technical and expert authority activities as well as operations related to municipal supply, maintenance, organization, protection and management of the built environment within the activities of the local government,
  • develop concepts and programs and prepare plans for settlements,
  • coordinate the development of regions, manage and control such activities.

Our graduates will develop competence or acquire knowledge in the following areas

  • the urban planning of architecture, engineering, ecology, environmental science, sociology, economics, law and administrative discipline
  • interpretation and perception of plans and maps by visual expression techniques
  • preparation and implementation, coordination of regional programs and regional development, resettlement plans,
  • computer communication, data management and analysis, the use of graphical systems (CAD, GIS) spatial-regional planning
  • environmental protection, quality control, consumer protection, the principle of equal access and use,
  • occupational health and safety, technical and economic legislation.

About the entry requirement of the programme you can read here. 

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