Environmental Engineering MSc

The objective of the program is to train environmental engineers who are able to

  • apply up-to-date knowledge in natural sciences, engineering, business management, 
  • recognize and prevent environmental hazards occurred in different fields, 
  • mitigate and eliminate environmental problems and damages,
  • utilize natural resources rationally, develop and operate cleaner technologies,
  • neutralize hazardous waste having knowledge in the field of nature and land conservation, regional policy and environmental management, 
  • plan, organize and control environmental projects and participate in engineering work creatively

Our graduates will develop competence or acquire knowledge in the following areas

  • theoretical and practical skills associated with the protection of the environment and the practical application thereof at the required level,
  • understanding basic research streams, practical methods and solutions, ability to pursue research and development activity independently,
  • ability to conduct environmental investigations (environmental analysis, monitoring), 
  • skill to analyze and evaluate technical, economic and social effects related to the environment,
  • ability to investigate and analyze the effects of national and regional concepts and programs on the environment,
  • investigation of the qualitative and quantitative features of environmental elements and systems, compilation and realization of measurement plans, evaluation of data obtained,
  • understanding, selection and control of methods and technologies ensuring sustainable development.

Further details about the programme are available here. 

About the entry requirement of the programme you can read here. 

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