Environmental Engineering Field - laboratories

Air and Noise Protection Laboratory

1Purpose of the laboratory 
The Air and Noise Protection Laboratory provides the practical background for different courses such as Noise and Vibration Protection, Air Quality Protection and Unit Operations. Numerous different pieces of specific software are introduced to students in the lab, which is also the place for result processing of field measurements.

Competence of the laboratory
The laboratory is suitable for carrying out and post-processing acoustic and vibration diagnostic tests. In addition, modelling noise and air pollution propagation and noise mapping are also important tasks of the lab, just like mathematical modelling of dynamical systems in the field of chemical and environmental methods. Many pieces of software are used for the determination of optimal operation of chemical and environmental systems.

Our partners
DKV (Debreceni Közlekedési Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság) Debrecen Exclusive Transport Company Ltd, Plánum 97 Ltd, HBMKH KTVFO (Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Kormányhivatal, Környezetvédelmi- és Természetvédelmi Főosztály) Government Agency in Hajdú-Bihar County, Department of Environmental and Nature Protection 

Equipment in the laboratory
The laboratory boasts 20 personal computers with software for modelling noise and vibration measurements (IMMI, SAMURAI) and environmental processes (MATLAB, Control System Toolbox, Simulink Toolbox). The laboratory is also equipped with measurement systems and devices for in-situ tests, such as a Soundbook universal multi-channel acoustic measuring system, four-channel analysers with Samurai software for vibration and noise measurements, a PDV 100 portable digital vibrometer, SINUS 3D seismometer and a Larson Davis 831 sound level meter. Additionally, other sound level meters are available for student measurements.

Biomechanical Materials Testing Laboratory 

1Purpose of the laboratory 
The main purpose of the laboratory is to determine the mechanical properties of polymer structural materials and biomaterials in contrast with stress. The Laboratory participates in materials testing, particularly in testing human bones and supports the following courses: Biomechanics, Materials Testing Methods of Plastics and CAD-CAM, Rapid Prototyping or Noise and Vibration Protection. It is also used for various research activities.

Competence of the laboratory
The Biomechanical Materials Testing Laboratory was founded in 2005 for accredited materials testing activities with its quality management system. The main activity of the Materials Testing Laboratory is research: various biomechanical nature experiments, measurements and tests. The accredited measurement techniques/methods of the laboratory are available for external customers.

Our partner
DEKK (Debreceni Egyetem Klinikai Központ) (Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen)

Equipment in the laboratory
The most important devices of the laboratory:

Instron 8874 biaxial materials testing machine,
Instron AVE advanced video extensometer,
Instron 51 portable digital durometer,
Mitutoyo measuring devices,
Torque meters,
Connex three-dimensional printer,
Zprinter 310 three-dimensional printer,
Cobra Fastscan three-dimensional scanner.


Water Quality Protection Laboratory

Purpose of the laboratory 
The laboratory has all the basic tools applied in environmental engineering to ensure a strong practical analytical background for field and laboratory measurements. Several research topics are also connected to the equipment of the laboratory (such as investigation of rainwater or greywater reuse in households; disposal of waste thermal water and the environmental effect of thermal water utilization; surface water analysis and environmental status assessment of watercourses surrounding Debrecen).

Competence of the laboratory
Environmental engineers get a good experience in and a wide knowledge of the prevention of environmental hazards, the abolition of environmental problems, the utilization of natural resources, clean technologies, analytical and monitoring methods. The lab is equipped with modern and efficient instrumental analytical devices to get reliable and fast results for water or sludge samples.

Our partners
HBMKH KTVFO (Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Kormányhivatal, Környezetvédelmi- és Természetvédelmi Főosztály) Government Agency in Hajdú-Bihar County, Department of Environmental and Nature Protection; Debrecen Waterworks Ltd; Hajdú-Bihar County Municipalities Waterworks Ltd; ANALAB Ltd; Scharlab Hungary Ltd; NNK Environmental Management, Information Technology, Sales and Service Ltd., etc.

Equipment in the laboratory
Classical and instrumental analytical techniques for the investigation of different water or sludge samples:
-    DIONEX ICS-3000 ion chromatographic system,
-    Shimadzu TOC-VCPN instrument,
-    Zetasizer Nano Z-Dedicated zeta potential analyser,
-    WTW Multiline P4 electro-analytical set,
-    BOD OXITOP IS 12 Measurement Instrumentation, Thermostat Cabinet,
-    Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR Linus with thermoblock,
-    TURB 555 IR Turbidity Meter,
-    Millipore Milli-Q Integral 3 Water Purification System,
-    Classical analytical methods (gravimetry and titrimetry).

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