Hungarian language course for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders

Hungarian language classes are provided by the Coordinating Centre for International Education. If you have questions or need administrative help, please get in contact with Ms Beáta Lovadi ( ). 

From the 2020/2021 academic year onwards, new Stipendium Hungaricum holder students - both undergraduate and graduate - are required to complete 2 semesters of Hungarian as a foreign language. If they fail to do so, they will lose the scholarship and have to finance their studies on their own. Language classes will be free of charge.
Please note that the above rules DO NOT apply to Stipendium Hungaricum students who are already in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year but they are free to take the remaining seats (if there are any) and register for Hungarian Language as an optional course.


The courses consist of 40 classes (2x2 classes/week). They will start on 22 February, 2021 and last for 10 weeks.

Please note that for those of you whose Hungarian language course clashes with one of the obligatory subjects and for those who could not register for any of the courses, the Coordinating Centre will provide an intensive language course during the semester (eventual during the exam period of the semester).

For new students or for those who couldn't complete Hungarian language 1 the Coordinating Centre will open a course. 


The courses are to find in the neptun system under "All other subjects of the institution" with the code TTIS_HUNG_LANG1.

If you go to "Register" next to the subject name, you will see all available courses. 

We suggest to choose one of the courses with _MK at the end of the code. These are in the building of the Faculty of Engineering and at a time that is not clashing with compulsory subjects. 

If these MK courses are full, you can choose also from _MIXED courses, but these are often at other campuses. 

Details of the course (schedule, venue) you can see if you go above the "Comments" coloumn.


Hungarian courses are opened for the students of each faculy separately and there are also "mixed" groups. Therefore student of the Faculty of Engineering can only choose between courses ending "MK" or "MIXED". Other courses are tough to see, but not to register. 


Hungarian language course exemptions 

Completed Hungarian language courses of at least 40 hours are accepted as exemptions, if you completed the Hungarian course:

- as an optional subject in your previous studies at UD and it is shown in your neptun system as completed. 
- by the Summer School of UD and you have a certificate about it.
- as a university subject at other institution, and it's listed in your official transcript.


If you would like to have a Hungarian language course exempted from your previous studies, you should do the request in the E-learning system by enrolling in the course titled "Hungarian language course - exemptions" and uploading the relevant material there. You can find the course by clicking on Faculty of Engineering -> English courses MK -> Hungarian language course - exemptions.

 If you completed the course as listed above you don't need to and you can't transfer the subject!

Updated: 2021.02.08.

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