Selecting a specialization (Mechanical Eng. BSc)



In semester 5 of Mechanical Engineering BSc (curriculum 2017 and after) there are subjects which are in the group, called “field-specific subjects” (i.e. subjects of the specialization) and will be available on Neptun once the specialization has been set up previously. Therefore, students (generally in the fourth semester of their studies) are kindly asked to select a specialization by submitting the registration form.

Submission deadline: 12 PM (noon) 10 May 2024

Please have a look at the curriculums here.

Course descriptions are available here (2017 and after)

You can have a look at our bulletins here (please choose your starting year)

Note: In case of an insufficient number of applicants it may happen the selected specialization will not be open. At the moment only two specializations are offered: Automotive Production Process Control and Operation and Maintenance.

Information on Automotive Production Process Control Specialization

This specialization (along with courses, course content) has been developed in collaboration with our partner companies in the automotive industry. Mechanical Engineers graduated on this specialization are capable of analysing, supervising, designing and improving production processes by applying modern technologies and methods. They are able to create conditions for modern and precise production, establish qualitative processes. They are capable of holding engineering and leadership positions at companies in the automotive industry in the field of production, process engineering, and quality assurance.
Person in charge of the specialization: Dr Levente Czégé, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Information on Operation and Maintenance Specialization

Having completed core subjects and field-specific subjects, having learnt general technological processes and acquired theoretical knowledge in maintenance, mechanical engineers graduated on the Operation and Maintenance Specialization will be capable of completing tasks of maintaining, operating and reconstructing machines, power machines, thermal facilities, machines for transportation and materials handling, electric drives, and industrial robots in an economical way. Graduates are suitable for designing, supervising, and improving the maintenance of mechanical machines; operating and improving logistics systems; judging the complex - that is to say - the engineering-economic aspect of maintenance; evaluating tendencies of development; establishing the maintenance system in a modern and theoretically sound way taking into account aspects of production/service. Furthermore, he/she is capable of designing and supervising processes of maintenance (servicing, checking, repairing) and technology of mechanical machines, applying modern procedures and devices of engineering diagnostics; selecting, realising and improving the maintenance system at control and executive level.
Person in charge of the specialization: Dr Krisztián Deák, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Information on Building Services Engineering Specialization (currently not offered)

In our buildings comfortable microclimate must be provided with maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. For this reason modern heating, cooling, air conditioning and water-supply systems – which use alternative energy resources to a great extent - must be implemented. Mechanical Engineers graduated on the Building Services Engineering Specialization will be suitable for designing and maintaining building services systems; initiating, organising and supervising construction. They can be employed at companies (with focus on design, construction, trade and maintenance) in the field of building services engineering.
Person in charge of the specialization: Dr Tünde Kalmár, Department of Building Services Engineering


After the selected specialization has been set (by 12 July 2024), you are kindly requested to check this on Neptun at two places.

1.    Studies – Training data – Taken specialization (e.g. Operation and Maintenance)
2.    Subjects – Register for subjects – choose: Current term – subject type: Subjects from the curriculum – Curriculum (choose e.g. Operation and Maintenance)

In case the selected specialization is not visible on Neptun or by mistake the wrong specialization has been selected, please contact your administrator (International Office, Faculty of Engineering).

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