Physical Education

Up-to-date information concerning PE lessons is available on the homepage of the university's sports site:

All students of the University of Debrecen must participate in physical education by meeting the requirements and observing the rules specified below:

Number of mandatory semesters
For students participating in bachelor programmes (BSc, BA) PE lessons are compulsory for two semesters.
For students participating in master programmes (MSc, MA) PE lessons are compulsory for one semester. 

One of the preconditions for obtaining the pre-degree certificate (referred to as "abszolutórium" in Hungarian) is to complete the required number of semesters in PE.

Enrolment in the courses
The Sports Centre is responsible for opening PE classes on Neptun. The enrolment of the courses takes place on Neptun in the subject registration period for PE. When the deadline is over, the courses can only be enrolled in with the special permission of the Sports Centre.

PE course registration on Neptun:

Register for Subjects > Select "All subjects of the institution" + type "SI-003" under "Code" > List > select "Physical Education" > "Register" > select from the listed courses.

If you intend to go to a gym, you can complete with it a PE course. In this case please select the PE course "UNIFIT FITNESS". 

Except Unifit Fitness course, students have to take part 12 session (each session is 90 minutes long). More informations about it:

We strongly suggest that students take their PE courses in the first two or three semesters of their studies.
PE courses are considered to be fulfilled only if the student takes part in at least 70% of the PE lessons. (During the 14 weeks of the semester at least 10 lessons must be completed).

The external service companies make for students the versatile sports programs of the university more colourful. Even the external service activities must be enrolled in through the Neptun system  (Usually the course instructor's consent is necessary.). Generally speaking, these courses are not free but a very reasonable price is offered for university students.

Students can enrol in only one PE course per semester. (In special cases the Sports Director can give permission for the enrolment of more courses.) 

The electronic enrolment in PE lessons takes place at the beginning of the semester before the previously announced deadline.
After enrolling in the course attendance is obligatory. Missing the first class means the cancellation of the student from the course.

The conditions of obtaining a signature for the semester

  • Enrolling in the course on time in the Neptun electronic administration system
  • Active participation in classes, 10 occasions per semester (one lesson per week)
  • The execution of the “Hungarofit tryout” on one of the previously announced dates during the semester. (12 minutes of running, push-up, sitting up, long jump from standing, throwing thick balls) 

Course exemptions 
Exemptions are valid only for the semester in which they are issued. The requests for exemption must be handed in to the Sports Centre with the necessary appendices and certificates. (The documents can be downloaded from the homepage: The requests are assessed by the Sports Director or/and by the group leading teachers. The competitive sport or medical exemption must be enrolled in on Neptun according to the rules of the Sports Centre. In case more students from the same club need dispensation of competitive sport, one student is to fill in a common form, and have a common permission.

Medical exemptions
An exemption from PE lessons can be given by the sports physician. The petitioner can be rated according to the following categories based on the decision of the sports physician (OSEI Debrecen, Oláh Gábor utca 5.):

  • Moderate Physical Education (Category I) 
  • Physiotherapy/Therapeutic exercises (Category II/A or category II/B) 
  • Permanent Exemption from Physical Education (Category III) 

Students belonging to categories I or II will take part in a special PE programme, whose primary aim is rehabilitation. The courses are led by skilful physiotherapists. These courses can be found on Neptun among other PE lessons, they can be enrolled in on Neptun, as well. 
In case of handicap, based on the Mental Hygiene Centrum’s suggestion (tel.: +36 52 429 610) the Sports Director may grant a special permission allowing the student to have a permanent exemption from PE, which means that the permission has to be requested from the sports physician only once, namely at the beginning of studies.

Contact details

Should you have any problems relating to PE registration (subject code on Neptun: SI-003, Subject registration on Neptun under “All other subjects in the institution”), please turn to Ms Erika Lovas (email: ) during the subject registration period for PE in the Coordinating Institute for Sports Sciences (4032, Debrecen Móricz Zsigmond körút 22. Lajos Markusovszky Dormitory III, room 1, Auguszta):
Office hours: Monday through Thursday: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m., Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. (noon)

Places of the Sports Centre for the PE lessons
The sports institutions of the Sports Centre and other external venues/sites. These external venues/sites can be found in the semester’s schedule.

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