Information About the Program (Mechanical Engineering MSc)

Name of training program Mechanical Engineering Master’s Program
Specialization available Production Engineering Specialization
Field Engineering
Level Graduate
Qualification Mechanical Engineer
Mode of attendance Full-time
Faculty Faculty of Engineering
Program coordinator Dr Tamás Mankovits, Associate Professor
Person in charge of the specialization Dr Tamás Mankovits, Associate Professor
Program length 4 semesters
Credits total 120

Aim of the degree program is to train mechanical engineers who are able to work out, model, design, operate, control and maintain mechanical systems and processes; develop engineering technologies and processes, new materials and manufacturing technologies, apply them in an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious way; complete leadership, control and organisational tasks; complete tasks of engineering development, research, design and innovation; participate in and control national and international engineering projects. The degree offers the opportunity to further study at PhD level.

Professional competencies to be acquired

  1. knowledge
  • He/she knows the general and specific principles, rules, relations and procedures pertaining to mathematics, natural- and social sciences necessary to work in the field of engineering.
  • He/she has an in-depth understanding of global social and economic processes.
  • He/she knows theories, relations, terminology of fundamental importance in the engineering field.
  • He/she knows and understands basic principles, borderlines of the epistemic and functional system of the engineering field and the expected directions of development, innovation. 
  • He/she knows terminology, main regulations and aspects of other areas of vital importance (primarily that of logistics, management, environmental protection, quality assurance, information technology, law, economics, work- and fire safety, industrial safety) relating to the engineering field.
  • He/she has a detailed knowledge and understanding of mechanisms of knowledge acquisition and methods for data collection, their ethical barriers and problem-solving techniques.
  • He/she has an in-depth knowledge of the main characteristics and application areas of structural materials used in the field of mechanical engineering.
  • He/she has a detailed knowledge of the rules of preparing engineering documentation.
  • He/she knows the organisational devices and methods pertaining to leadership, legal regulations in the professional field.
  • He/she has knowledge of measurement techniques and theory relating to mechanical engineering.
  • He/she knows information and communication technologies relating to the field of mechanical engineering.
  • He/she knows devices and methods of computer modelling and simulation in relation to the field of mechanical engineering.
  • He/she has an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge including knowledge in methodology to design, manufacture, operate and control complex mechanical systems and processes.
  • He/she has an in-depth knowledge of the methods used in machine, system and process design in the field of mechanical engineering.
  1. abilities
  • He/she is capable of the practical application of the acquired general and specific principles, rules, relations, processes relating to mathematics and natural- and social sciences in order to solve problems emerging in the engineering field.
  • By problem-solving he/she is able to use theories and terminology of the engineering field in an innovative way.
  • He/she is capable of approaching and solving specific problems emerging in the professional field in manifold interdisciplinary ways.
  • By problem-solving he/she is able to promote cooperation between representatives of the related fields.
  • By applying modern knowledge acquisition and data collection methods he/she is able to innovatively solve specific engineering problems emerging in the professional field
  • He/she is able to apply information and communication technologies and methods to solve engineering problems.
  • He/she is ready to publish, make presentations and hold discussions in his/her professional field in his/her mother tongue and at least one foreign language. 
  • He/she is able to complete leadership tasks followed by the required practical experience.
  • He/she is capable of the laboratory study and analysis of the materials used in the field of mechanical engineering, the assessment and documentation of research results. 
  • He/she is ready to process and systematize information gained through the operation of mechanical systems and processes, make analyses, draw conclusions. 
  • He/she is able to add genuine ideas to the knowledge base of the field of mechanical engineering.
  • He/she is capable of the application of integrated skills from the following fields: machines, mechanical engineering devices, systems and processes, engineering materials and technologies, electronics, informatics. 
  • He/she is capable of the acquisition of the global design of complex systems on the basis of system-based and process-oriented way of thinking. 
  • He/she is capable of the complex design and management of the application of engineering, economic, environmental and human resources.
  • He/she is capable of the application and further development of processes, models, information technologies used in the design, organisation and operation of mechanical systems and processes.
  • He/she is prepared for the quality assurance of mechanical systems, technologies and processes, solving tasks of measurement technique and process control. 
  • He/she is capable of creative problem-handling, flexibly solving complex tasks, has the commitment to life-long learning, variety and value-orientedness. 
  1. attitude
  • He/she is open and sensitive to get acquainted with, accept and genuinely convey the professional and technological development and innovation undergoing in the engineering field. 
  • He/she undertakes the professional and ethical value system relating to the engineering field. 
  • He/she endeavours to contribute to the development of new methods and devices in connection with the engineering field. He/she has a strong sense of vocation. 
  • He/she endeavours to continuously improve his/her and his/her co-workers’ knowledge through self- and further education. 
  • He/she endeavours to comply with and make others comply with the ethical principles of work and organisational culture.
  • He/she endeavours to comply with and make others comply with the requirements of quality. 
  • He/she endeavours to organise and complete tasks by meeting the expectations of environmental-consciousness, health-consciousness and sustainability.
  • He/she endeavours to acquire profound and in-depth education. 
  • He/she endeavours to meet the requirements of sustainability and energy-efficiency. 
  • He/she endeavours to design and complete tasks individually or in teamwork at a professionally high level. 
  • He/she endeavours to work according to system-based and process-oriented way of thinking characterized by a complex approach. 
  • During his/her work he/she is investigating the possibility of achieving aims in research, development and innovation and endeavours to realise them. 
  • Having acquired engineering skills he/she endeavours to become familiar with the observable phenomena as thoroughly as he/she can, describe and explain their principles. 
  • He/she is committed to high-level work of quality, he/she sets an example to his/her co-workers through displaying this attitude. 
  • He/she is committed to enriching the field of mechanical engineering by new ideas and research results. 
  • He/she participates in research and development projects related to the field of mechanical engineering. To achieve the aims he/she applies his/her theoretical and practical knowledge, skills in cooperation with the members of the research and development group. 
  • He/she is committed to health and safety at work, and health improvement.
  1. autonomy and responsibility
  • He/she shares his/her knowledge and experience with representatives of his/her professional field in formal, non-formal and informal ways of information exchange.
  • He/she evaluates his/her inferiors’ work, facilitates professional development through his/her critical remarks.
  • He/she is able to solve engineering tasks on his/her own.
  • He/she takes the initiative in solving engineering tasks.
  • He/she takes responsibility for sub-processes under his/her control.
  • He/she is able to individually make decisions in his/her field.
  • He/she educates his/her co-workers and inferiors to take responsibility and show ethical behaviour in their professional field.
  • He/she individually takes the initiative in solving problems related to his/her professional field.
  • He/she assumes responsibility for sustainability, health and safety at work and environmental-consciousness.
  • He/she is careful before individually making decisions in consultation with representatives from diverse fields (primarily that of law, economics, energy management, environmental protection). He/she takes responsibility for his/her decisions.
  • When making decisions he/she considers principles and applicability of environmental protection; quality assurance; consumer protection; product responsibility; equal rights to accessibility; basic principles of health and safety at work; technological, economic and legal regulations; ethics in engineering.

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