Important Information for Graduands (Mechanical Eng. MSc)

In case you are eligible to take the state exam in 2019/20/2, you should sign up for it and fill in the subject check-list table. Its main purpose for the graduand is to check whether he/she has completed all the award requirements of the program. Later on the chart will be reviewed by your administrative assistant.

Subject check-list table (curriculum 2017) is available here.

Subject check-list table (February 2018 intake) here

Subject check-list table (curriculum 2018) here

Deadline for signing up for the state exam: Friday 28 February 2020, room 123
Deadline for submitting the completed check-list chart: Friday 21 February 2020, room 123

Study period for graduating students: Monday 10 February – Friday 10 April 2020
Exam period for graduating students: Monday 13 April – Friday 15 May 2020

Exam registration period on Neptun for graduating students: Wednesday 1 April 2020, 12.00 noon - Friday 15 May 2020, 12.00 noon

In case you take courses which are not finalist courses, please inform the instructors that you are a graduating student.

In case you are taking non-finalist courses (courses which are not in the final semester of the curriculum), the study period (14 teaching weeks) lasts until Friday 15 May 2020. Still, those courses need to be completed until the aforementioned deadline (which is grade submission deadline for graduands), otherwise graduands are not allowed to take the state exam. Please inform the instructors on time that you are a graduating student and there is a grade submission deadline for graduands. In case of non-finalist courses instructors can be requested but may not be obliged to provide graduands with exam opportunities in the exam period for graduating students. In the exam/test graduands need to give account of the 14-week teaching material.

Until Friday 20 May 2020 every necessary grade should have been submitted on Neptun.

Under particular circumstances and at the student's special request the expected end date of studies can be extended on Neptun. In this case please contact your administrator from International Office, Faculty of Engineering. Expected end date of studies on Neptun is available under "Studies", "Training data", "Training".

State exam date (2019/20/2):
Thursday 18 June 2020

Submission deadline for thesis: Monday 25 May 2020
Deadline for submitting the thesis topic announcement form: Friday 6 March 2020, room 304.

About thesis you can read here:

Please meet the deadline above! Late submissions will not be considered!
In order to take the state exam, please note:

  • If you have unpaid items (also tuition fees, library fines) on Neptun, please pay them off until Friday 20 May 2020.
  • You need the subject, called Work and Fire Safety Training signed on Neptun.
  • You need one semester of Physical Education signed on Neptun.
  • You need to complete 6 credit points of optional courses.

If for some reasons you cannot come to the state exam, please let us know (International Office, Faculty of Engineering).


General deadlines in the exam period:

Exam registration: until 12.00 noon on the day before the exam
Exam deregistration: until 0.00 (midnight) on the day before the exam
If the exam falls on a Monday, exam registration is possible until Friday 12.00 noon of previous week, exam deregistration until Thursday 24.00 (= Friday 0.00) of previous week.

If the exam falls on a Friday, exam registration is possible until Thursday 12.00 noon, exam deregistration until Wednesday 24.00 (= Thursday 0.00).

Exam registration/exam deregistration is not possible after the above mentioned deadlines.


Information on exam registration (for e.g. number of exam attempts, retake exam fee):

Please do not forget to register for the exams on Neptun (in the event of courses ending in an exam grade). Without exam registration a student is not allowed to sit for the exam. If a student has signed up for an exam previously but failed to deregister from it on time, it counts as an attempt. In this case the note “missed” will be submitted on Neptun. For missed exams fees will apply. Exam registration is possible with a signature (previously submitted by the course instructor) on Neptun. Only students who do not have outstanding charges (for e.g. unpaid items on Neptun) are allowed to register for exams. Exam registration on Neptun: Under “Exams”, then “Exam registration”.

Within one examination period a student has maximum three attempts: exam, retake exam, repeated retake exam. The minimum number of examination dates per subject/course shall be three. If a student selects the third exam date as his/her first attempt, then he/she should be aware of the fact that this will be his/her last chance in the given examination period. After the retake exam (second exam registration), there is exam fee to pay (3 000 HUF). Please ensure there is enough money on your Neptun account because transferring money to it may take at least 3 working days. If a student has already taken the exam and the retake exam (in one subject/course), he/she has to pay for all further exam opportunities (exam registrations in previous examination periods count). An exam grade (exception: grade obtained in a comprehensive exam) can be improved in the given examination period. Improvement in another examination period is not possible (exception: grade obtained in a comprehensive exam). Please see details on improving grade earned in a comprehensive exam here:

Rules and Regulations (Article 21, „Improving passed exams”, page 24)

(1)    If students wish to improve the grade or assessment that they have already received, they may do so in maximum two subjects per semester and once per subject within the examination period. The assessment and the grade received at the make-up examinations shall be final, except if it is failed, which may be then improved in another retake according to the relevant regulations on failed examinations.
(2)    The grade received after the retake of a passed examination may not be improved any further.

Rules and Regulations (Article 19, "The Order of Examinations", page 23)

(7) "Students may submit a written proof of an excuse for missing an examination within three working days at the Education Office (that is to say International Office, Faculty of Engineering). If they manage to do so, the office shall delete their registration for the examination. Missing an exam shall not influence in any way whatsoever the assessment of the student's knowledge. If students fail to appear for the examination, their knowledge may not be assessed."

(8) "Missing an examination without a legitimate cause shall result in recording "failed to appear" in the academic system. In such a case students shall have missed one potential chance for taking the examination during the semester at all, the record "failed to appear" shall be entered in their lecture book, too, by the Education Office (that is to say International Office, Faculty of Engineering). If the student does not sign up for an examination during the examination period at all or signs up but fails to appear, a "not completed" entry is to be input into the academic system."

Please see the guideline “paying_via_neptun_24_july.pdf” here (in case paying retake exam fee or any other related fee is necessary): (on the right, at the bottom of the page)

Offered grades:

If a student has got an offered grade on Neptun, he/she can accept it or decline it under "Subjects", then "Offered grades" until the end of the examination period. If he/she fails to make a statement until the aforementioned deadline, the course will show up as "not completed".

If a student is given an offered grade on Neptun, he/she should not register for an exam date on Neptun because he/she will not be able to accept the offered grade (exam regisration blocks approving an offered grade).

Updated: 2020.04.20.

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