Degree Certificate (Environmental Engineering MSc)

Within 30 days of the successful final exam the diploma is issued and given out by the Faculty at the graduand’s special request. Otherwise, the diploma will be awarded to him/her at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty.
The diploma is an official document decorated with the coat of arms of Hungary which verifies the successful completion of studies in the Environmental Engineering Master’s program. The diploma contains the following data: name of HEI (higher education institution); institutional identification number; serial number of diploma; name of diploma holder; date and place of his/her birth; level of qualification; training program; specialization; mode of attendance; place, day, month and year issued. Furthermore, it has to contain the rector’s (or vice-rector’s) original signature and the seal of HEI. The University keeps a record of the diplomas issued.
At the graduand’s special request a certificate on the completion of studies is issued. The document does not contain any reference to qualification, it merely proves that the candidate has taken a successful final exam (for e.g. for PhD application). The Faculty keeps a record of the certificates issued.
The grade average of the three parts of the final exam (final exam grade) equals the diploma grade.

Classification of the award:

Outstanding      4.81 – 5.00
Excellent           4.51 – 4.80
Good                 3.51 – 4.50
Satisfactory       2.51 – 3.50
Pass                 2.00 – 2.50

Award with Distinction
An award with Distinction is permitted where a student obtained grade 5 in all subjects of the final exam. The average of thesis grade, his/her exam grades and mid-semester grades during his/her studies is at least 4.00. Moreover, he/she is not permitted to have a grade worse than grade 3 during his/her studies.

Updated: 2019.05.30.

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