For incoming students

Dear Student,

You can find useful and neccesary information regarding your Erasmus mobility here.

The following documents contain all the courses Faculty of Engineering offers for incoming Erasmus students:

Erasmus students must have an active Neptun account (student records system) in order to register for courses. If you have a problem with activating your Neptun account, please contact the Erasmus office.
Students register for courses on Neptun on their own. In case of technical issues, please contact the International Relations Officer for Erasmus students at the Faculty of Engineering. Contact details are available here.
Please note that if you select courses from different semesters and programs, it might lead to timetable conflicts. Our timetables in the faculty are designed in a way which guarantees compulsory courses from one particular semester and program do not clash with another.

The descriptions of some courses can be found here: current students/undergraduate programs or current students/graduate programs or in "search" function".

The descriptions of the courses that are not included in any of our programs in English can be found here:

For course descriptions please search for courses here!

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