Graduate Programs (With flags)

About the entry requirements of the MSc programs you can read here. You can find here also a chart with each of our MSc  programmes and the fully accepted or conditionally accepted BSc degrees to them.  


Major Language of instruction
Architecture MSc    

Architectural Design and Interior Design Specialization

Building Engineering MSc  
Environmental Engineering MSc    

Environmental Technology, Planning, Constructions Specialization

Built Environmental Specialization 

Mechanical Engineering MSc    

Production Engineering Specialization

Mechatronical Engineering MSc    

Building Mechatronics Specialization

Cyber-Physical Systems Specialization

Control and Navigation Systems for Civil Aviation Specialization

Engineering Management MSc    

Construction Industry Specialization

Industrial Process Engineering Specialization

Material Handling and Logistics Specialization

Air Transportation Management Specialization

Structural Engineering MSc  
Urban Systems Engineering MSc
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