Erasmus Students

Information for the subject registration period:

Erasmus students can take up courses which can be found in the list of courses for Erasmus students. Due to some technical issues in the students records system (Neptun), Erasmus students cannot select courses from Neptun on their own. Therefore, they are kindly requested to seek assistance in room 123, Faculty of Engineering, International Office. The Learning Agreement includes courses you are taking in the given semester. Modifications (for e.g. a particular course is for some reason not open in the given semester, timetable conflict, etc.) should be indicated in the Learning Agreement and countersigned by the program cooridnator from the home and host instiution alike. Learning Agreements (for signature and seal) are supposed to be sent or submitted to the Head of International Office (Faculty of Engineering).

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Last update: 2023. 01. 26. 08:23