Thesis (Professional Pilot BSc)


Thesis is the creative elaboration of a professional task (engineering, design, development, research or research development) in written form as defined in the requirements of the training program. By solving the task the student relies on his/her studies utilizing national and international literature under the guidance of an internal and external supervisor (if needed). By preparing and defending thesis students - who complete the Professional Pilot undergraduate program - prove that they are capable of the practical applications of the acquired skills, summarizing the work done and its results in a professional way, creatively solving the tasks related to the topic and doing individual professional work.

Precondition for taking the final exam for BSc students is to prepare the thesis. Requirements of the training program contain the content requirements for thesis, general aspects of the evaluation and the number of credit points assigned to thesis (15).

The latest that thesis topics are announced by the departments is the end of Week 4 of the study period of the last semester.

Thesis topic can be suggested by the student. The head of department decides on the acceptance of the topic. The conditions on the acceptance of thesis as National Conference of Scientific Students’ Association (hereinafter NCSSA) topic are specified by the Faculty. The NCSSA work is supposed to meet the requirements in form and content for thesis. Furthermore, it is necessary that the committee of the Pre-NCSSA makes suggestions on the NCSSA work to become a thesis.

Formal requirements of thesis are announced in writing by the Department of Air- and Road Vehicles.

Thesis is prepared under the guidance of an internal supervisor previously approved by the department and with the assistance of an external supervisor previously approved by the department.

The faculty academic calendar (issued by the Vice-Rector for Education) sets the thesis submission deadline, for want of this the deadline is the 14. day 12 noon before the first day of the final exam.

Thesis is evaluated and graded by a referee (internal or external), on the one hand and the department, on the other hand. On the basis of the thesis review reports it is the Head of Department of Air- and Road Vehicles who makes suggestions on the grade for the final exam board.

If thesis has been evaluated with a fail mark by the referee and the department, then the student is not allowed to take the final exam and is supposed to prepare a new or a modified thesis. The candidate has to be notified of the decision. Conditions on resubmitting thesis are defined by the program coordinator.


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