Debreceni Műszaki Közlemények

The Debreceni Műszaki Közlemények journal was founded in 2002 at the Faculty of Engineering, was an academic peer-reviewed journal with an online version between 2007 and 2015. Primary aim of Debreceni Műszaki Közlemények was to publish high-quality research including studies, articles and research results of the instructors of the Faculty. The journal – based on the degree programmes available at the Faculty of Engineering – carried articles from the following fields: engineering, natural sciences, management sciences, social sciences. Official languages of Debreceni Műszaki Közlemények: Hungarian, English and German. The journal was published in yearly volumes of two issues. In 2015 the journal ceased to exist, its successor is International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences. HU ISSN 2060 - 6869

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