Research Topics - Department of Architecture

The scientific activities of the Department of Architecture are research and planning projects related to architectural design, which we involve with the students partly within the courses.

We currently have three ongoing projects, including architectural design and architectural research as well:

Developing the Tanner house’s drying building into university workshop space:
In 2015, we started to deal with the neglected drying building of a former tanner house (Tímárház) in Debrecen. The aim of the project is to renovate and transform the building for university students in the form of workshop and community spaces and various university cultural events. The project is led by Balázs Falvai DLA associate professor.

Learning spaces - learning environments of higher education institutions 

In 2016, we began to examine the increasingly important and complex topic of environments of contemporary higher education developments. During our project we analyze our faculty building from this point of view and we are searching its development possibilities. The long-term project is led by Tamás Szentirmai DLA associate professor.

Modern architecture of Debrecen between 1945 and 1980
In 2017, we began a detailed study of Debrecen's post-World War II architecture, which has not yet been investigated. Research based on archives, library research, on-site documentation and interviews with architects is led by Péter Kovács DLA associate professor.

Among the projects already terminated, the Holocaust Memorial Wall was the most significant, which was built during the Holocaust Memorial Year in 2015 in Debrecen. The built design was selected during a student competition. The work, based on the concept of our student Marianna Nagy was led by Péter Kovács DLA associate professor and Péter Sugár DLA invited lecturer.

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