Research Topics - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Finite element analysis and shape optimization of rubber parts

Investigation of the mechanical behaviour of rubber and rubber type materials, numerical simulation. Shape optimization problems of different rubber parts with the usage of finite element method and modern otpimizing algorythms.
Tamás Mankovits PhD, head of department, associate professor,


Drivetrain Optimization

Analyzing the drivetrain constructions in terms of operation features. Torsion and bending dynamic modelling and simulation of the original and the reconstructed drivetrains, determining the natural frequencies. Measuring and modifying the running conditions of the instrumented drivetrain to find the most appropriate one.

Responsible: Dr. Zsolt Tiba,


Vibration diagnostic of rotary machines

Diagnostic of rotary machines by vibration measurement and image processing, wavelet transform for filtering data from noisy condition, machine learning and SVM methods, global optimalization methods in real-time diagnostics.
Imre Kocsis PhD, head of department, full professor, and Krisztián Deák PhD, senior lecturer,


Research of up-to-date manufacturing technologies and processes

Analysis of working machines, designing and production geometric analysis of cutting tools. Designing of manufacturing devices. Analysis and designing of different manufacturing technologies. Designing of assembly technologies. Designing and optimalization of toothed gear drives with construcion and technological aspects.

Sándor Bodzás, PhD, vice head of department, collage associate professor,

Dynamical modeling and control

Dynamic modeling and robust control of mobile machinery (cranes, conveyors, materials handling equipment, etc.) and vehicle structures. Development of patient positioning systems for medical equipment.

Sándor Hajdu, PhD, vice head of department, assistant professor,

Modeling and finite element simulation of metal foam structures

Geometrical reconstruction based on industrial image analysis of metal foam structures, development of unit cell models substituting the real structure. Finite element analysis of the actual structure and geometries built from unit cells.

Tamás Mankovits PhD, head of department, associate professor,

Investigations of durability in agriculture

The tillage elements are exposed to an extraordinary high load and a significant wear, therefore it is necessary to investigate the durability of their active layer. The process of hot metal powder spray fusing.  Investigation of hot metal powder spray fusing of cultivator tines after tilth.

Sándor Pálinkás PhD, assistant professor,


Projects and Research Grants

Bodzás S.: Designing, modelling and tooth contact analysis of toothed gear drives, János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2017 - 2020
ÚNKP-17-3-I-DE-190, Huri Dávid, SVR method in the complex design process of automotive rubber parts, 2017-2018.
ÚNKP-17-4-DE, Dr. Mankovits Tamás, Ortopédiai felhasználási célú additív és direkt habosítással gyártott fémhabok alkalmazhatóságának komparatív elemzése, 2017-2018.
ÚNKP-16-2-DE, Varga Tamás Antal, Bonyolult szerkezetek képi elemzése, feldolgozása és geometriai modellezése, 2016-2017.
Erdős Pál Fiatal Kutató Ösztöndíj – NKP, Dr. Mankovits Tamás, Ortopédiai alkalmazásokra kifejlesztett csontpótló fémhabok terhelhetőségének modellezése, 2014.
TÁMOP-4.2.2-A-11/1/KONV-2012-0036 – Intelligens funkcionális anyagok: Mechanikai, termikus, elektromágneses optikai tulajdonságaik és alkalmazásaik, 2013-2015.

Updated: 2020.11.05.

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