Thesis - Urban Engineering MSc

Content and Layout Requirements of the Thesis and Thesis Defence
for Urban Systems Engineering MSc at the
Faculty of Engineering, University of Debrecen


Thesis layout

  • Font: Times New Roman, Arial Narrow or Arial (or similar)
  • Font size (body text): 12
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Minimum number of pages: 60
  • Maximum number of pages: 120 (including printed appendices)


The electronic version of the thesis must be copied to a DVD, which may also contain additional appendices to the thesis (e.g. drawings, posters, detailed results of numeric tests/ measurements, presentation, etc.) The presentation may also be included on the DVD if it is ready.
Please note that the presentation should be sent to the Department ( ) by 8 June, 2021 - 12 PM


The thesis must contain the following:

  • Thesis Sheet containing the descriptions of the tasks to be completed (the main part of the Thesis Topic Announcement Form)
  • A one-page abstract
  • A table of contents and bibliography
  • Documents related to the completed tasks, as well as calculations, and data carriers (CD). In case of a design/drawing task, a preparatory study should also be included. In case of a research task, a literature review should be included, which may not take up more than 30% of the thesis.
  • In case of drawings, a list of drawings along with the drawing annexes
  • Consultation Sheet, which contains the sub-tasks assigned by the supervisor, the verification of the completed sub-tasks, and any modifications to the thesis
  • An original bound copy and an electronic copy (DVD) must be compiled from the listed components of the thesis. The Department will return the bound copy after the thesis defence.
  • The word THESIS should be inscribed on the cover page, the student’s name and the year of submission should be in the lower right-hand corner. The spine should contain the student’s name and the year of submission.
  • The Department stores the theses electronically (DVD). The bound copy is returned to the student after the thesis defence.


  • The DVD must contain the following (in PDF format):
  • the whole thesis
  • all appendices (calculations, designs, etc.)
  • one-page abstract (scanned)
  • Thesis Sheet (scanned)
  • Plagiarism Declaration (scanned)
  • Confidentiality Agreement (scanned) – if necessary
  • Consultation Sheet (scanned)
  • Thesis Review Report by the external supervisor (scanned)


  • The contents of the electronic copy and the bound copy must be identical. The Department will take it into account any differences during evaluation.
  • Preferred file formats: Word (doc; docx); Excel (xls), MathCad (mcd), AutoCad (dwg, dxf), Adobe (pdf).
  • The department requests a one-page abstract as a Word document, which is meant to describe the main points of the thesis. The Department will make the abstracts searchable on a server.


Thesis defence:

The student describes his/her thesis topic covering the related preliminary studies and analyses. He/she also elaborates on the concept and problem-solving methods followed. Students also have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation as well as one or two posters (size A1, 840x594 mm) as visual aids (max. 20 minutes).

The internal/external opponent (opponents) outlines (outline) their criticism to which the student must respond (max. 5 minutes). Leading instructors competent in the various fields related to the thesis may make remarks in connection with their field and may raise complex questions which the student must answer (max. 5 minutes). The thesis defence is about 30 minutes long including the introduction, the questions and the answers. Thus, the recommended maximum number of slides in the presentation is 20-25.

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