State Exam (Environmental Engineering MSc)

Students having obtained the pre-degree certificate will finish their studies in the Environmental Engineering Master’s (MSc) program by taking the final exam. Final exam means testing and evaluating the knowledge (skill) necessary to obtain higher education qualification. In the final exam candidates prove that they can apply the acquired knowledge. Requirements of the training program contain the preconditions on taking the final exam and the procedure of the final exam itself. Final exam can be taken in the first final exam period after the award of the pre-degree certificate. Final exam is conducted in front of the final exam board. If the candidate fails to take the final exam until the termination of his/her student status, he/she is allowed to take the final exam after the termination of his/her student status according to the regulations (in relation to final exams) which applied at the time of the candidate’s first taking the final exam.

Final exam consists of three parts (as defined in the curriculum):

1.    Core material of the final exam which includes assessment of environmental condition and the solutions of technological knowledge.
2.    Field-specific knowledge on the basis of the topics of the specialization selected by the candidate. These topics have been strongly integrated into the workshops assigned to the MSc training programme ensuring the elaboration of realistic engineering tasks.
3.    Thesis defence on the basis of an oral exam.

Final exam process

a)    Requirements of thesis and the number of credit points assigned to thesis: 30 credit points
b)    Preconditions on taking the final exam:

  • completing all the subjects in the model curriculum (from semester 1 to semester 4), obtaining at least 120 credits including other subjects necessary for graduation (Physical Education: 1 semester, Work and Fire Safety course)
  • completing internship (minimum of 4 weeks),
  • preparing and submitting thesis.

c)    final exam (oral exam):
The core material of the final exam (A):

  • Environmental State Assessment, Auditing
  • Environmental Operations III

Filed-specific knowledge (B, depending on the selected specialization):

  • B1: Built Environment Specialization
  • B2: Environmental Technology, Planning, Constructions Specialization

Thesis defence (D) (template here)


State Exam Topics


Calculation of final exam grade (FE):
FE= (A+B+D)/3

The latest that the requirements of the final exam, final exam topics along with references are announced by the department is the last week of the study period.

The oral exam is evaluated on a five-point scale by the members of the committee. Final grade for the final exam will be decided on in a closed sitting. In case of equal votes the committee chair will decide. Final exam results will be announced by the committee chair.

A note of the final exam will be taken.

The candidate who obtained the best final exam grade will be awarded the Diploma Prize for Environmental Protection which is conferred in the closing ceremony of the final exam.

Improving failed final exam
If any parts of the final exam is evaluated with a fail mark - according to the Rules and Regulations of the University -, it can be retaken. The ensuing final exam period is the soonest that the re-sit is allowed. If thesis has been unequivocally assessed with a fail by the referees, then the candidate is not allowed to take the final exam and is supposed to prepare a new thesis. Retake final exam is allowed twice in each part.

Final exam committee
Committee chair is called upon and mandated by the dean with the consent of the Faculty Council. He/she is selected from the acknowledged and well-known external experts of the professional field or the professors of the University. The final exam committee consists of – besides the chairman – at least two members and a definite number of examiners (university professor or associate professor). The mandate of the final exam committee is limited to a year. Students are allocated to different examination committees by the department.

Updated: 2021.03.05.

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