Selecting Specialization (Environmental Engineering MSc)

Deadline for selecting specialization:

30 April of each calendar year

The registration form is available here.

The completed registration form is to be submitted in room 312, Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering.

Specializations on offer:

Built Environment
Environmental Technology, Planning, Construction

Note: In case of an insufficient number of applicants it may happen the selected specialization will not be open.

Short Descriptions:

Built Environment Specialization

It complements engineering programs of the faculty in a professional way.

The specialization includes the following fields:

Air Pollution Control
Waste Management
Noise and Vibration Protection
Greenfield Management

The specialization is completed by solving a complex environmental engineering design task.

Environmental Technology, Planning, Constructions Specialization

The specialization aims at students with Environmental Engineering BSc degree. It provides high level of more specific engineering skills in the field of the so-called “green industry”.

The specialization includes the following fields:

Environmental Protection Technology (including: Soil Protection, Water Protection, Air Pollution Control, Noise and Vibration Protection, Recycling Waste)  
Renewable Energy Management
Nature-Relatedness, Application of Pure Technologies

The specialization is completed by solving a complex environmental engineering design task.

When searching for a suitable summer internship place or selecting a thesis topic, it is worth considering the subjects of the selected specialization.

Career options:

Industry, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, testing, operation, maintenance, state administration with special attention to environmental protection, local governments, detecting sources of pollution and damage, adapting technologies, completing sub-design tasks


Final exam:

Final exam consists of two parts. Part I is the same on each specialization, part II is different depending on the selected specialization.
Subjects of the state exam (written exam):

Part I (core subjects, A):
Environmental State Assessment, Auditing
Environmental Operations

Part II (field-specific knowledge, depending on the selected specialization, B):
B1: Built Environment Specialization
B2: Environmental Technology, Planning, Constructions Specialization

Part III: Defending diploma/thesis (D)

Calculating final exam grade:



After the selected specialization has been set, you are kindly requested to check this on Neptun at two places.

1.   Studies – Training data – Taken specialization (for e.g. Environmental Technology, Planning, Construction)
2.  Subjects – Register for subjects – choose: Current term – subject type: Subjects from the curriculum – Curriculum (choose for e.g. Environmental Technology, Planning, Construction)

In case the selected specialization is not visible on Neptun or by mistake the wrong specialization has been selected, please contact your administrator (International Office, Faculty of Engineering).

Updated: 2020.08.12.

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