Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Leadership



Course name: Postgraduate Course in Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Leadership

Qualification: Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Manager

Application requirements: 

at least a bachelor’s degree with the following requirements:

a)    professional engineering qualification, or

b)    in the case of no professional engineering qualification: 

ba)    qualification in the fields of technical studies, Economics, Science, or Informatics; or qualification as an English teacher 

bb)    in the case of other qualifications, 3 years of relevant leadership experience is required

Duration: 2 semesters

The fundamental aim of the training is to provide the participants with general professional knowledge of strategic management, to build on this knowledge in order to understand and apply a wide range of factors that influence organizational management, and to use the resources available to them in order to run the company effectively. With these skills, graduates will be able to build and operate integrated systems. Moreover, the training aims to prepare participants for leadership roles in an international working environment at a technical company operating in Hungary or abroad, and to make them competitive in the international labor market.

Main Subjects: 

Personal Development for the Strategic Engineering Leader 
Strategic Coporate Social Responsibility
Analysis of the strategy, plans and performance of technical organizations
Strategic Information Management 
Strategic Planning of Financing Technical Projects 
Strategic and Project Management
Financial Management of Technical Organizations
Strategic Performance Management 
Data Analysis
Risk Management Strategies 
Crisis and Change Management
Lean Process Improvement

Completion of studies: 

writing a thesis,
final exam


Application form available here

Files for download:

Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Manager

Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Manager - TRAINING REQUIREMENTS AND LEARNING OUTCOMES

Updated: 2022.05.27.

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