Information about Coronavirus Disease (COVID)

Debrecen, Monday 18 May 2020

Face-to-face state examinations

Hygiene regulations during state examinations


Debrecen, Friday 15 May 2020

In accordance with governmental measurements the Faculty of Engineering has decided to conduct face-to-face state exams instead of the previously announced online state exams.


Debrecen, Monday 27 April 2020




Debrecen, Thursday 16 April 2020

Based on Government Act No. 101/2020 of 10 April 2020 state exams will be held online.
During the state exam members of the state examination board – depending on the program and taking into account specific requirements of the program – will be staying in the institution (faculty) or at home using their own devices.
State exams will take place on the dates originally announced.


Debrecen, Wednesday 8 April 2020

Adjustment of the Faculty Annex of Rules and Regulations during the extraordinary period (in force until further notice)

The government announced a state of emergency in Hungary by introducing Government Act No. 41/2020 of 11 March 2020 to prevent the spread of the pandemic and to protect the health and lives of people in Hungary.

Based on the decision of the Senate of the University of Debrecen on 27 March 2020 - in light of the current epidemic situation - the completion of particular student activities might take place until 31 August 2020. These student activities should be included in the assessment of the spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020.

Special provisions released by the Faculty of Engineering:

1.    Students should be notified about special provisions set by the Faculty of Engineering until 10 April 2020.

2.    The faculty academic calendar for 2019/20 spring is valid until otherwise stated. At the moment only activities which require physical presence are prohibited. Apart from teaching the following activities should be completed through e-learning until the original deadlines: exams, assessments, submitting theses.

3.    During the extended extraordinary period only those student activities can take place which cannot take place due to university closure and those activities which cannot be assessed or completed in the framework of online education.

4.    The study period and the exam period of the spring semester for non-graduating students have been extended as follows.
Last week of the study period for non-graduating students (=Drawing Week II): 18-22 May 2020.
Exam period for non-graduating students: 25 May – 10 July 2020.

Exam period for graduating students (original dates apply): 13 April – 15 May 2020.

5.    Students are required to fulfil their study-related obligations during distance learning in the following way: they are supposed to use e-learning ( on a weekly basis and complete the assignments, tasks set by the course instructors until the given deadline. Student login is registered automatically by the system, so in this way students’ course participation is verified on a so-called virtual attendance list. It is also verified whether students have viewed/accessed the teaching material uploaded.
If a student does not fulfil his/her obligations above mentioned, his/her participation cannot be verified.
In case a student cannot participate in online teaching due to the lack of technical conditions, he/she is supposed to report it (via email) to International Office, Faculty of Engineering in a verifiable manner until 10 April 2020.  

6.    Examinations and obtaining the mid-semester grades take place through e-learning. Students are required to read the related Neptun messages/emails on a regular basis and use them as main source of information. If students fail to do so, they cannot be exempt from fulfilling their obligations.

7.    Examiners are required to announce exam dates at least 10 days before the end of the study period. Opening exam dates takes place in the usual way (via Neptun).

8.    Offered grades can be submitted on Neptun until the end of the study period. After the aforementioned deadline grades can only be submitted as exam grades.

9.    Submission deadline for thesis: As set on the thesis topic announcement form. This submission deadline might be modified by the department. If the department decides to extend the deadline, the latest that theses can be submitted is 15 days before the state exam. Submitting theses takes place through e-learning. The Faculty guarantees that information included in theses will be treated confidentially.

10.     In special cases students can submit a request in writing (via email) on course deregistration until 15 April 2020. The request should be sent to the administrative officer in charge:
Please note in the event of course deregistration students cannot claim for credit-based tuition fee refunds.




Debrecen, Friday 3 April 2020

Adjustment of the academic calendar 2019/20/2 based on the decision of the Senate of the University of Debrecen

Dear Students,

the governmental measurements which have been introduced to slow down the spread of the coronavirus disease have had an impact on higher education, as well.

As stated before, teaching is delivered online (the end date of online teaching is still not decided), therefore students and staff should be prepared to continue and finish the current semester in this manner.

Based on the decision of the Senate of the University of Debrecen on 27 March 2020 - in light of the current epidemic situation - the completion of particular student activities might take place until 31 August 2020. These student activities should be included in the assessment of the spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020.

During the extended extraordinary period only those student activities can take place which cannot take place due to university closure and those activities which cannot be assessed or completed in the framework of online education.

Until 10 April 2020 the Faculty of Engineering is going to release information which will set special provisions for the extraordinary period: adjustment of the faculty academic calendar, how student administration will work, means of assessment, etc.

We want to emphasize that the extension until 31 August 2020 only relates to certain student activities. The special provisions of the faculty will specify these student activities.




Friday 20 March 2020

Information on distance learning during the extraordinary period

Dear Students,

Based on the decision of the leadership of the University of Debrecen from 23 March 2020 until further notice the face-to-face education is supposed to change to distance learning taking into account special provisions released by the faculties.

Below you can find the measurements which are valid:

Timing of distance learning

The academic calendar and the timetable for the second semester are still in force even after 23 March 2020.

According to the faculty academic calendar the week commencing with 23 March 2020 is designated as Drawing Week I. All tasks, projects, homework assignments, etc. which were due that week are supposed to be submitted in an electronic version. Tasks which cannot be submitted in an electronic way (for e.g. models, machines) should be documented electronically, the stage of readiness should be presented on a video. During Drawing Week no tests, assessments (in the true sense of the word) can take place.

According to the faculty academic calendar the distance learning/online teaching period starts from 30 March 2020. Online teaching activities should follow the original, second-semester timetable so that students do not have simultaneous or clashing online learning activities/responsibilities. This can take place in form of online classes or consultations.

Online teaching should cover all activities which can be implemented by using the means of e-learning (that is to say converting lectures, practical sessions into digital sessions) unless it is hindered by a special attribute of a particular course.

Teaching activities which require physical presence (for e.g. completing measurements in a laboratory) cannot be realised at the moment. Instead, this gap in online teaching can be filled by bringing forward and transmitting theoretical knowledge.

Cancelled practical sessions can be made up for at a later date. Still, course instructors are supposed to make preparations on e-learning by uploading measurement guides, descriptions of measuring devices, videos presenting measurements which students can easily access in advance.

There have not been any measurements taken yet by the leadership of the University to amend the academic calendar, therefore the study period, the examination period, the dates for the state exams and the graduation ceremony as set out in the academic calendar are valid until otherwise stated. Students will be notified through Neptun without delay, should the aformentioned dates change.

At the moment the study period will not be extended but online teaching should be provided during Drawing Week II (11-15 May 2020). Tests (mid-terms, end-terms), assessments (in the true sense of the word) can take place only when students are allowed to enter the educational institution. In any other case – if the course coordinator approves – testing students’ knowledge online is considered to be acceptable.

Technical implementation of online teaching

Online teaching is not identical with publishing course material electronically (for e.g. in pdf or ppt). You are kindly requested to make your contribution to the introduction of high-quality distance learning/online teaching at the Faculty of Engineering by using modern info-communication devices. The basis for distance learning/online teaching can be nothing but the interactive communication between students and academia and students’ independent study.

Based on previous measurements of the university the moodle program is the means which should be applied to realise online teaching/distance learning. Apart from moodle, other teaching methods/learning opportunities can be applied, as well. It is essential to emphasize that only those channels should be used for online teaching and learning which provide accurate and genuine data about activities of students and staff and which are in line with the current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Content requirements of online teaching activities

During the distance learning period Rules and Regulations of the University of Debrecen are still in force. Please kindly note compared to face-to-face education the amount of the course material, its content and the requirements have not changed, it is only the means of delivering the course material which has changed.

We would like to draw your attention to the following: students can use the digital course material of moodle courses only for their own learning purposes, students are not allowed to share or forward these on the internet.

Course instructors are supposed to inform students via email/Neptun message until 12.00 noon Monday 23 March 2020 about the process of online teaching regarding the particular course. The email/Neptun message will contain the following information: how the course will be implemented in form of online teaching/learning, schedule of online teaching, possibilities of electronic consultations, how students can download the pieces of software necessary for them to participate in the online course.

Requirements of obtaining mid-term grades might be modified, if so, course instructors are required to notify students until 30 March 2020.

Monitoring online teaching

Each and every program coordinator is supposed to monitor e-learning (for e.g. to check whether online classes have taken place, the course material has been uploaded, etc.) on a weekly basis. Program coordinators are required to report the current state of online teaching in regard with the particular program to the Deputy Dean for Education and the Head of Department.

Last but not least

The conversion from face-to-face education to online teaching is a challenging task for students and staff alike. Course instructors take the responsibility to transmit knowledge through online teaching by maintaining the high quality of teaching, students are required to get accustomed to the new situation and supposed to think responsibly about their near future. No scheduled classes, everything seems to be free, which gives way to temptation but it is not as simple as it is. Course instructors are supposed to continue conveying knowledge through online teaching, students can lose days, weeks, semesters if they think the amount of tasks to be completed has decreased. The University of Debrecen and the Faculty of Engineering guarantee - despite of the introduction of online teaching - the value of the courses to be completed, the degree certificates to be obtained and the equivalency to degree certificates previously issued.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards

Leadership of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Debrecen


Thursday 19 March 2020


Dear SH Scholarship Holders,

With regards to the queries of several Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders, we would like to confirm the following, in line with the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

  • In view of the emergency situation, we recommend that scholarship holders do not leave Hungary and we strongly advise that you stay in your current place of residence.  This is the safest option for you and your loved ones at home.  If you stay in Hungary, you will receive the benefits provided by the programme: contribution to your housing and living expenses, health insurance, and the additional health services.

Based on the Stipendium Hungaricum Operational Regulations and applicable legislation, the following is worth keeping in mind:

  • If the scholarship holders leave the territory of Hungary, they can do so only with the permission of the institution, and if they are absent for more than 30 days, they will lose their right to their living and housing allowance until their return, as these allowances are intended to contribute to their costs of living in Hungary.  However, they do not lose their scholarship status.
  • It is important to stress - especially in the case of the five countries that are denied entry (South Korea, Italy, Iran, China and Israel) - that there is no guarantee of your return. According to the current situation, the list of countries might be extended depending on the decision of the respective governments. Important update: According to the information provided today by the Prime Minister of Hungary, from Monday, 16 March 2020, the borders of Hungary will be closed from any international passenger traffic, meaning that only Hungarian citizens will be able to enter the country until further notice.
  • In addition to the above, scholarship holders will of course still have the opportunity to suspend their studies (passive semester), through the procedure set out under Section 45 (2) of the Act on National Higher Education 204/2011. However, please bear in mind, that during the passive semester, scholarship holders are not entitled to their allowances provided by the programme. It is worth bearing in mind that, pursuant to paragraph (1) of the same Section, a continuous interruption shall not exceed two semesters unless authorized by their host institution.

Yours faithfully

Study in Hungary Department
Tempus Public Foundation



Sunday 15 March 2020


Dear Students,

According to the announcement of the leadership of UD (University of Debrecen), if students do not want to risk losing scholarship or credit points taken up in the semester, they are advised to stay in Debrecen since we cannot determine the end of the Coronavirus Disease in Hungary. UD is going to apply the distance-learning method until further notice. UD is going to provide the conditions so that you can complete the requirements of the courses and obtain the credit points.

After restarting the face-to-face education, the laboratory practices and some of the practical classes and tests will be made up for which are the prerequisites to complete particular courses. Of course, students' attendance is going to be checked, hence the decision to travel home is ultimately yours. If someone decides to travel home, this is his/her own responsibility, we cannot guarantee that he/she will be allowed to travel back to Hungary on time. Also, please remember that a 14-day-long self-isolation period might be required after returning to Hungary.

The point is after restarting the face-to-face education, students can complete the courses if they are physically present and attending the classes.


Thursday 12 March 2020
Dear Student,


Based on the Hungarian special legal order declared by the Hungarian Government which was announced on 11th March 2020, from tomorrow all Hungarian Higher Education Institutions will be closed until further notice. This not only means education, but other student services and offices as well.


Soon the Faculties will inform their students about the details of online education/distance learning (which will substitute the personal meetings) and the faculties will also provide information about other education related matters.


The on Campus Immigration Office will be closed from 12th March 2020 until further notice starting. The previously booked appointments are cancelled.


Based on the currently available information, documents that would expire during this period will automatically be extended until the end of the emergency period (according to our understanding it may affect the validity of residence permit card, student card sticker, IDs issued by Hungarian authorities).


For the time of the special legal order we expect our students:
- to stay at home (for those who are home because of the quarantine/self isolation this is obligatory, and may be checked by the authorities)
- to avoid public places and social gatherings/event
- to refrain from traveling to any another country.


Take note that not keeping the rules of the special legal order or spreading false information are against the law maybe considered as a criminal act and may cause legal actions


Thank you for your understanding!


Best regards,
University of Debrecen
Thursday 12 March 2020


Dear International Students of the University!


We would like to inform you that the University Working Group on Epidemiology (formerly University Operative Board) had a meeting on 11th March 2020:


The contents of the previous Coronavirus information remain valid!


Please read carefully our latest information letter, formulated in accordance with the measures taken by the Hungarian Government in response to the epidemiological situation, regarding the University of Debrecen.  


In this message we try to answer the frequently asked questions we receive through email.


We call the attention of the university community that the measures are taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic!


Current information


Due to the epidemiological situation related to the spread of SARS-CoV-2, University of Debrecen is temporarily changing several procedures for university citizens.


Until the publication of the present letter, there are still no coronavirus-infected persons among the students and staff of the University of Debrecen at any of the cities where university sites are located (Debrecen, Szolnok, Nyíregyháza, Hajdúböszörmény, Kisvárda, Karcag, Mád).


Due to epidemiological considerations, the Government of Hungary declared a state of emergency, in which higher education institutions are affected in the first instance. As of now (12th March) we have 16 cases in Hungary thus we are not among the first 50 most affected countries.


Under the present measure, the operation of public education institutions is continuous, which also applies to university practice institutions (high schools, primary schools, kindergartens) and nurseries.


Policy for operation from 12th March 2020

Information for Students

In regards to education the institution orders a study break for 12th and 13th March 2020. On these days the already announced exams may be held. Oral exams can only be conducted in individual appointments, so the waiting time in the halls would not happen in bigger groups. Written exams may be conducted for less than 50 people at a time and keeping 1 meter distance between students.

Between 16th and 20th March 2020 the University announces an early spring break. We ask our students not to travel abroad during the spring break, and if possible to stay in their homes!

From 23rd March 2020 until further notice all higher education institutions must teach online, taking into consideration the special circumstances for each institution.

Detailed information about the online education will be provided by the Faculties next week. Please check your messages from the Neptun system regularly!

Administrative services for students are provided only online. The expiry date of the documents based on the Government’s decision is extended for the time of the extraordinary regulations (this includes student card!).


 General Practitioner and Medical Check up


Physical examination/occupational health check up – banned

Please do not go to blood test, chest X-ray and physical examination even though you have a booked appointment at the Doctor's Office or at the X-ray lab.

General practitioner


The General Practitioner's Office is open during the spring break and the online teaching period but our request is not to visit them in case you have flu or corona virus symptoms (high fever over 38 degrees, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, muscle/joint pain),or if you travelled abroad or you had any contacts with suspected Corona virus cases:

Please stay at home and get in touch with one of the following contacts:

During weekdays, between 8:00-16:00:

MD's of Coordinating Center for International Education, University of Debrecen

Telephone number: +36 30 227-86-04

In any other time, or in case the previous phone number is not available:

Dept. of Infectology, Kenézy Hospital, University of Debrecen

Telephone number:+36 52-511-866

In case you have any other medical problems the GP's Office can be visited during their official opening hours, please call them and book an appointment in advance on +36 52 316 666/ext. 23012.

Information about Immigration Office

As previously mentioned the on-Campus Immigration Office will be closed from 12th March during the state of emergency. Their Main Office on Sámsoni Street branch will be open, but due to the epidemic the preferred way of extending your residence permit is online through the Enter Hungary system (you can find more information here: The expiry date of the residence permit is not automatically extended, you must apply for the extension! You may request the required student status certificate for the residence permit extension from your usual University Administrator online.


Opening schedule of the teaching facilities, operation of services


During the spring break and the time of distant learning/online teaching students are not allowed to visit teaching facilities.

Regarding thesis, PhD dissertation and other consultation duties contact with students must be online.

This method should be followed by PhD students in regards to teaching and research.


The Main Building of the University works according to regular opening hours.

During the spring break and the distance learning period the teaching facilities will be open or closed based on the decision of the Deans, but the staff must be able to work continuously.

The electronic and book lending services of the UD University and National Library will be available, but until further notice the reading rooms will be closed.

Restaurants, canteens, buffets will be operational according to the decision of the management, in case of event organization the Government protocol must be kept.

In regards to Sport facilities the PE lessons from the curriculum will be cancelled.


International students may stay in the dormitory.

We call the attention of those students who stay in the dormitory that it is prohibited to accept visitors! Also we ask the residents to use the public areas (kitchen, laundry room, study room, TV-room etc.) only and as long as necessary, and to comply the policies of the dormitory (especially the ones about hygiene!).

From the announcement of the special regulations dormitories do not accept hotel guests, the existing bookings will be cancelled. 


Based on the Hungarian Government’s decision indoor events for over 100 people and outdoor events for over 500 people are prohibited.

Based on the measures taken by the UD Student Union all student events for March are cancelled, including the clubs managed by Campus Nonprofit Kft., Debrecen. Students need to keep in mind the safety warnings in connection with non-University events as well! 

Rules about travel

Starting from 6th March for 30 days members of the University are not allowed to travel abroad for official visits, and are not allowed to accept guests from abroad. Travels planned for this period are cancelled.

Based on the official announcement from 5th March on all official travel abroad is forbidden for officials of the University!

We cannot force international students to stay in Hungary, but we highly recommend not travelling abroad in the upcoming weeks. Flights, airports are the most dangerous places to go currently (confined places, huge number of people). That is why we do not recommend immediate travel back to your home country or any other places. The number of infected people in most of the neighboring countries is higher than in Hungary.

If you still decide to travel back to your home country we cannot guarantee that you can come back to Hungary! In case you manage to return to Hungary you have to follow the valid protocol about the self-isolation/quarantine which will be updated.

Those who went abroad for personal reasons during their vacation are obliged to inform their employers in an official way, and to stay at home for 21 days (paid or unpaid leave) and they must avoid public places. The 21 day home isolation is also valid for students!

We would like to ask you not to travel abroad during the following weeks, not even during your free time!

Please keep in mind that everyone is personally responsible for the compliance of the above detailed regulations, not keeping them is considered infringement and the endangerment of others.  

Further and constantly updated information about the regions affected by the virus can be found on the following websites:


We provide information about changes and news concerning the University frequently.

Dear Students!

Please note that young people as asymptomatic carriers or with slight symptoms (because of the infectivity of the virus) can be life threateningly dangerous for the elderly, so their responsibility is individually important in history in connection with the elderly and their own relatives!

We ask all student to keep the preventive measures mentioned in our earlier messages, and avoid public places, and not to organize private events for more than 5-10 people.

Recommendations for Hygiene:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and soap.
  2. Use hand disinfectant.
  3. Limit greeting forms associated with direct contact (handshake, kiss, etc.).
  4. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face.
  5. Use a tissue if you cough or sneeze. Practice cough hygiene rules. Dispose of the used tissue in the bin.
  6. Disinfect commonly used items (computer keyboards, door handles, etc.).
  7. Ventilate as often as possible.
  8. Avoid crowds as much as possible during transportation and your free time.   

Dear Members of the University!

The above detailed information and protocol is created for the current situation, and it might be altered by the UD Epidemiology Workgroup if necessary.

For this please carefully read our messages, in which we continuously provide information about the updated duties.

Our University does everything in its power to deal with the current situation properly. We ask the members of the University to help the efficiency of the prevention with their responsible behavior!



On behalf of the Coordinating Center for International Education:


Prof. Attila Jenei Ph.D.



Dear Students,

over the last few weeks you received important messages regarding the Coronavirus Disease through different university channels.

Below you can find a synopsis.

Debrecen, 6th March 2020

Upon experiencing the following symptoms (fever over 38 degrees, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, muscle/joint pain) AND in case you contacted someone within three weeks prior to the appearance of your symptoms from the most affected countries, or you visited these regions (recently: Mainland China; Singapore; Hong Kong; Japan; South Korea; Iran; Italy especially regions of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Veneto; France; Germany; Spain), IT IS MANDATORY FOR YOU TO STAY AT HOME and get in touch with one of the following contacts:

During weekdays, between 8:00-16:00:

MD's of Coordinating Center for International Education, University of Debrecen

Telephone number:  +36 30 227 86 04

In any other time or in case the previous phone number is not available:

Dept. of Infectology, Kenézy Hospital, University of Debrecen

Telephone number: +36 52 511 866

Based upon the current epidemiological situation, all students (especially those from Iran) are obliged to bring their passport when attending lectures, seminars and practices. University instructors will check the border-crossing dates in the students’ passports.

If you develop acute respiratory symptoms but none of the conditions listed above apply to you, you are not suspected of coronavirus infection. In this case, we advise you to stay at home and use regular cautions as drink plenty of fluid, treat your fever and stay out of the community until your symptoms are alleviated. If your symptoms worsen and you have difficulty breathing, contact your GP.

Unlike the common flu, there is no vaccine or medicine for the novel coronavirus. Regardless, one should behave the same way as in a flu epidemic. This means simple adherence to preventive and defensive rules:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and soap.
  2. Use hand disinfectant.
  3. Limit greeting forms associated with direct contact (handshake, kiss, etc.).
  4. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face.
  5. Use a tissue if you cough or sneeze. Practice cough hygiene rules. Dispose of the used tissue in the bin.
  6. Disinfect commonly used items (computer keyboards, door handles, etc.).
  7. Ventilate as often as possible.
  8. Avoid crows as much as possible during transportation and your free time.  

Please be advised that we are providing hand disinfection facilities in the public areas and the toilets of the University of Debrecen and you will be kept informed of changes in the epidemiological situation.

For more information and up-to-date data on the affected areas, please visit the websites below:



Information for the students regarding their studies

If a student thinks he / she should stay at home, he / she is required to inform the Coordinating Center for International Education of his / her absence, in order to have the absence justified. The subject coordinators will provide information on the subject completion criteria.

The faculty leadership will decide on the terms and conditions of fulfilling the current semester’s academic obligations according to the development of the epidemiological situation.

We ask our students to refrain from traveling abroad for the next 30 days. The consequences of any illness (quarantine, absence due to medical care) caused by travel during the above-mentioned period are entirely the responsibility of the student concerned.

Additional information

You may indicate your questions, comments and suggestions in writing at   e-mail address.

All information and action plans listed above refer to the current situation, which may be revised and adapted by the UD Operative Board if necessary.

Therefore, please follow our informational letters closely, where we keep you up-to-date. Our University is committed to address adequately the situation. We expect our students to help the effectiveness of the defense with a responsible behavior!

Adhering to the above mentioned regulations, the operation of University of Debrecen is fully functional and continuous!


On behalf of the Operative Board of the University of Debrecen:

                                                           Dr István Várkonyi

                                                      Head, Dept. of Infectology

                                                      Head, UD Operative Board

       Dr Zoltán Szilvássy                                                          Dr Zoltán Bács

Rector, University of Debrecen                                  Chancellor, University of Debrecen



Updated: 2020.05.18.

Dear User!


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